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DIY Event in a Box

  • 1.  DIY Event in a Box

    Posted 04-14-2020 09:47
    We used OnArrival for the first time at our conference in February, but just for badge reprints. It worked so well that now we're exploring ways to expand its usage. We'd prefer to purchase the equipment over renting it. I know you can purchase Event in a Box, but we would need a few of the large boxes, which is going to be pretty pricey--so I need to price out a "DIY" version for my bosses.

    I'm assuming I can just search for the equipment included in the boxes, but internet configurations and routers and modems are outside my realm of technological expertise. Has anyone here purchased all the equipment separately? Any insights or advice?  Thanks in advance!

    Krysten Bennett
    Communications Director
    Ohio Veterinary Medical Association

  • 2.  RE: DIY Event in a Box

    Posted 04-14-2020 11:43
    Agree, onsite badge printing is awesome! We did not purchase separately but if you do, get equipment that works wirelessly and can use Wi-FI (either a hotspot of venue Wi-FI). The modem and router is a HUGE pain (and quote outdated IMHO).  Many venues don't have hardlines.  If they do, they don't know how or if they work or if you need a password to log in.  So you need to get SIM cards as a back-up for the modems.  That was an education for us - took many hours of research and trial and error to finally get cards that worked.
    We host many 2 hour events at many different venues. Setting up can take hours since we ware walking into a new location each time and pretty much have to troubleshoot each time,
    Feel free to message me privately if you have questions.

    Maribeth Bluyus
    Edelman Financial Engines