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Changing logo in my header

  • 1.  Changing logo in my header

    Posted 08-02-2019 11:29
    Good morning and Happy Friday to all. I am in Flex, and would like to change the logo in my headers, but it keeps dropping into the wrong area. What step am I missing?? I want the new logo at the top, then text below. Every time I try to change the logo, it drops in next to my text, when I want it to replace my logo instead.

    Any and all help appreciated,

    Jodi Weiser
    Manager of Education & Training
    Mountain West Credit Union Association

  • 2.  RE: Changing logo in my header

    Posted 08-06-2019 08:11
    @Jodi Weiser, can you take a screenshot and upload it here, please, so we can see what you are struggling with? My first thought is that you have your content blocks mis-arranged. Perhaps 2 blocks next to each other. Or, you need to go into the header and footer section (use the left nav menu in #Event(Flex)), scroll to the bottom, and find the header and footer section, and change it there. The header and footer is customized in a different section than the regular canvas. Hope this helps!​​​

    Brenda Ainsburg
    Channel Program Manager
    Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
    United States