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Either or options

  • 1.  Either or options

    Posted 02-18-2021 12:15
    Good Morning. I am creating an event that will have additional optional items available for the participant to choose as a "goodie."  Two of these items are "either or" but not both.  I am trying to figure out how to set this up up in Flex but not having much luck.  Has anyone else done this before and if so, how did you manage it?  

    Thank you,

    Bryann Jackson (sher/her/hers)
    Sr. Analyst - Event Operations
    ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

  • 2.  RE: Either or options

    Community MVP
    Posted 02-18-2021 13:31
    Hi, Bryann!

    Ordinarily, I'd use Session Groups for this, but since they're not yet available in Flex, I think we've gotta get a little out of the box. If it were me, I would create the Optional item as a Quantity Item with a quantity of two, and then add some verbiage assigning each option to one of the numbers, like so:

    In this case, I added all the explanatory text to the item's description, but you could add it in a number of places - for example, you could put the option descriptions in the Quantity Item widget's instructional text and then just name the item itself "Please select Option 1 or Option 2," whatever you think is clearest. But they would only be able to select 1 or 2 from the dropdown, so it would essentially function as your either/or.

    Katie McIntyre
    Senior Manager, Technical Design and Development
    Opus Agency

  • 3.  RE: Either or options

    Posted 02-18-2021 13:55
    Hi Bryann,

    We have something similar with additional training sessions that are required for some of our participants to choose when they register, but that don't count towards the minimum number of sessions they have to sign up for.

    To do this, we create an Advanced Rule, indicate which sessions this rule will apply to. and then set the Maximum Sessions Allowed to 1, which prevents them from choosing more than 1 of the associated sessions. We also customize the warning message to explain what the parameters are in case they try to choose more than one of those sessions.

    I hope that works for you!

    Sarah Speed
    Administration Systems Coordinator
    Ottawa Bluesfest