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Question on Reg Path/ Reg Types

  • 1.  Question on Reg Path/ Reg Types

    Posted 13 days ago
    Can attendees register in the same event, using different reg types?

    I have an event where I have 3 different dates (was going to use Admission Items for these) an 4 "strands" per Date. I was going to use Reg Types to differentiate the 4 "Strands" but I've just learned that Registrants will potentially be able to purchase multiple "Strands" per Date, at a discounted rate.

    Anyone have any ideas as best to do this?

    Ravenna Legare
    Communications Coordinator
    California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (ccsesa)

  • 2.  RE: Question on Reg Path/ Reg Types

    Posted 13 days ago
    If you use reg types, the attendee won't be able to modify their reg type later if necessary. If that is even an issue.
    I've been googling what a strand is. :)
    Is a strand similar to a track?

    You can limit sessions based on reg type and/or admission,
    Another option may be advanced rules.

    My first cvent classic build a few years ago used different reg types to limit choices. Fortunately it was still in test. It was a mess. I ended up using using admissions.

    Steven Schlossman
    Jack of all trades. Master of none.
    BMW Car Club of America