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  • 1.  Limiting session

    Posted 09-29-2021 15:16

    I have a session (Evacuation Stations) that will be happening in different time frames for each attendee. Once they select that they are wanting to attend this session I can then do a question for those people only and have them select the time frame they are wanting. Heres the kicker. I need to limit each time frame to 20 people. I can not do that in the question. Is there a way to limit them? Would you have another suggestion on a work around for this? 
    Thank you



    Mirranda Gross
    Education Assistant
    North Dakota Long Term Care Association

  • 2.  RE: Limiting session

    Posted 09-30-2021 05:43
    It sounds like the easiest thing would be to have separate sessions for each option: Evacuation Station 1 - 8a-8:20, Evacuation Station 2 8:20-8:40, etc and allow them to select the timing.  You could limit the capacity by session.

    Amy Lum
    Senior Systems & Tools Specialist
    Boston Scientific Corporation

  • 3.  RE: Limiting session

    Posted 10-01-2021 09:03
    You might also be able to use Session Groups to put all of the Evacuation Station sessions together. There's an option when you're creating a group that lets you make registration for one of them mandatory or not.

    The advantage to using a group is that you can limit registration to one of that type of session.

    The disadvantage is that the styling options for session groups on the registration page are very limited at this point.

    Lauren Becker
    Web Content Coordinator