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  • 1.  c

    Posted 08-03-2020 16:35
    Hi all,

    Does anyone have a suggestion or workaround for the change that was made earlier this year to the login page of Crowd Compass?  In the past if someone registered and forwarded the Crowd Compass event url to a colleague who wasn't registered but tried logging into the app, they would receive a message saying their registration was not found and to contact the planner.  An update was made and this message about contacting the planner, no longer appears.  If someone tries to login to the app/event url, it seems the system will send them a verification code but it never does.  I wish there was a way to customize the verification code screen or bring back the message.  Any thoughts or suggestions on this?  Thanks!

    Adrienne Di Menna
    Events Associate


  • 2.  RE: c

    Posted 08-06-2020 16:43
    Hi Adrienne, 

    I'm afraid I don't have a work around for you - I was hoping others did as I will have this same issue when we get to this stage later in the year. What a frustrating update. Have you spoken to your Crowd Compass customer service rep? I wonder if they realize that this feature was lost in the update? Alternatively, you could add it as an idea in the Ideas tab. I'd vote for it! 

    Hoping it gets fixed soon, good luck with your events!

    Sharna Pascolo
    Program Director
    Texas Society of Architects

  • 3.  RE: c

    Posted 08-10-2020 11:00
    It sounds like a request to the development team is in order, as that seems like a very short-sighted "update"!!! You can add your suggestion to "put it back!" here:

    Lori Wildman
    Senior Marketing Manager
    DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.