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Export Survey Questions

  • 1.  Export Survey Questions

    Posted 09-23-2020 08:13
    ​Is there a way to export survey questions so that I can bulk update and re-import into a new survey? I found the way to import new questions but I have existing questions from another Survey that I want to modify in bulk (both the questions text themselves and some of the settings, ie selecting the N/A option as being available).

    Yvonne Green
    Raytheon Company

  • 2.  RE: Export Survey Questions

    Posted 10-08-2020 16:45
    Hi Yvonne, 

    If you pull a report from your original survey with all the responses you collected last time, that report will include all of your questions in spreadsheet form. You would just need to copy paste that column from the report to the import template, make your edits and then reimport. 

    Good luck!

    Sharna Pascolo
    Program Director
    Texas Society of Architects

  • 3.  RE: Export Survey Questions

    Posted 10-13-2020 10:44
    Sharna nailed it! Export out your report, edit and upload to the new survey.

    Lori Wildman
    Senior Marketing Manager
    DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.

  • 4.  RE: Export Survey Questions

    Posted 10-19-2020 16:46
    You can use the import template to make your edits, save, and re-upload.

    Chelsea Benge
    Events Software Specialist
    Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World

  • 5.  RE: Export Survey Questions

    Posted 10-28-2020 06:12
    I agree with Sharna, you would just need to export your report, go ahead and make your edits then upload to the new survey.

    Coy Rushton
    Graphic Designer
    Primary Residential Mortgage