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  • 1.  Name Badges

    Posted 10-22-2021 13:17
    Does anyone know how to sort attendees (other than alphabetically by name) prior to printing name badges? I've tried sorting by Company in the attendee list, but the download is still alphabetical by attendee name. We need them sorted by their company name.

    Laurie Miller
    Administrative Coordinator
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  • 2.  RE: Name Badges

    Community MVP
    Posted 10-22-2021 15:58
    It's always going to be alphabetical.

    I still need to sort manually but it's a little easier doing it this way.

    I create nternal field called I-SORT.
    Export my attendees using confirmation number, first and last name. And company in your case.
    Add a column called I-SORT to the report.
    Sort they way way you want. Save as text.
    Import back in.

    When I print I print the I-SORT number small and maybe color silver.

    Print and manually sort by I-SORT number. It's easier for me to sort by number than alphabetical.

    It's not the best, but works for me. Hardly anyone even notices a font font in silver.

    Steven Schlossman
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