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Your meetings policy - at what number do you use Cvent?

  • 1.  Your meetings policy - at what number do you use Cvent?

    Posted 11-15-2019 09:29
    Hi there, so I am finalizing our meetings policy for when people in the organization utilize Cvent for registration, whether it is just a form or full-blown registration site. I was curious about other companies' policies and at what number you specify that the event must use Cvent to capture attendees?  I was thinking 40 people, but of course we can do lower if people need it. When speaking to our global staff & contractors lower than 40 people are able to manage still by phonecall, email or text (depending on the country).  Some countries find doing anything online is pretty difficult too.  Is there anyone who states that all events no matter the size must have registration through Cvent? Thanks

    Anna Friday
    Events Planner
    U.S. Soybean Export Council

  • 2.  RE: Your meetings policy - at what number do you use Cvent?

    Posted 11-18-2019 10:32
    We utilize cvent for all of our conferences and member meetings big, small, and international (200+ events, 10-1500 attendees). The only exception is our board because the executive assistants prefer to manage this group directly.

    This works for us because we have one meetings team (7 people) who manages all the marketing and logistics for all events. I am the registrar for our company so if any meeting requires registration, I create the event in cvent (registration process, confirmation emails, etc.) then pass on managing attendees to the administrative assistant or program manager who first requested the event. This allows us to make each event in cvent uniform for the registrant experience.

    We train our staff to be able to use reporting features and do basic registration management. Any action an attendee can do on their own (canceling, substituting, modifying), our staff would be able to handle these directly. Anything financial (manual refunds, discounts, etc.) or more complex (setting capacities, waitlists, etc.) I would step in to process these. We've been using this process for a number of years now, and once our staff learned the basic reporting and registration functions, they pretty much are able to handle the registration themselves.

    Happy to talk more about our process directly if it would be helpful.

    Selina Lara
    Meetings Assistant