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Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q4 2019

  • 1.  Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q4 2019

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 01-24-2020 09:55
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    Hello Cvent Community!

    Find below the Q4 2019 Cvent product updates. To hear more about these releases directly from our product experts, register for the Quarterly Product Update webinar coming up on February 13th.


    Event Management


    *New Flex Release* Custom URL: ​You can now use a Custom URL in your Flex events. For more information on this account upgrade, reach out to your Account Manager.

    *New Flex Release* Support for HOP (Hosted Order Page) Payment Processors: In addition to PayPal, Flex events can now accept payments using the following HOP payment gateways: Authorize.Net – SIM*, CyberSource Secure Acceptance, and TouchNet. If you have one of these merchant accounts enabled in your Cvent account, you can now add it as a payment option in your Flex event via the Payment page of the Site Designer.

    *New Flex Release* External Authentication for HTTP Post: If you use HTTP Post to direct invitees to your site and to pre-populate their data during registration, you can now use External Authentication to authenticate your invitees. This requires the invitees to complete an authentication process before accessing the event website and registering for the event. This allows you to make your registration process more secure by only allowing successfully authenticated invitees to register for the event. It also allows for the invitee's registration form to be pre-filled, which can speed up the registration process.

    *New Flex Release* Website Passcode: You can now hide the details of your website or registration behind a passcode(Note: "Website passcode" is renamed from Classic's "website password")

    *New Flex Release* Hotel Request Edit: Invitees can edit their hotel request dates without cancelling the request and pick the new dates during a registration modification.

    *New Flex Release* Hotel Request Import: You now have the ability to import/update hotel requests in your event. You will be informed if the import is successful or not along with the appropriate message.

    *New Flex release* Session Waitlist w/ Automation: You can now waitlist your attendees by turning on "Session Waitlist" at the session-level. You can set-up the waitlist capacity in a similar way you set-up the session's capacity. By using automation, when a spot opens up in the session, you can prioritize the triggering of emails based on the waitlisted date or first by the registration type in the event, THEN the waitlisted date. Only attendees who've received these triggered emails may then register for the session.

    *New Flex Release* Google Analytics: You can now use Google Analytics to track invitee movement in your events. By using Google Analytics, you'll be able to better understand the attendee journey and report on data such as how long invitees spend on certain pages, which page is most visited, etc.
    Note: Google Analytics in Flex events only supports Universal Analytics, not Classic Google Analytics.

    *New Flex release* Registration Information Widget for Emails: You can now add the Registration Information widget to your emails, which replaces the functionality of some data tags like the Current Registration data tag. This widget is completely mobile responsive and allows you to control the styling and which information is shown.

    *New Flex Release* Concurrent Editing Banner: You can now see when another user is accessing the same event as you are with the Concurrent Editing Banner in the Site Designer. The banner alert will include the username of the concurrent user(s) and remind you that any changes you make while others are accessing the designer could be overwritten by the other user.

    *New Flex Release* Auto-Apply and Filter Discount Codes: You can now create discounts that will automatically apply to registrants. You can also set up advanced filters so that discounts (both auto-applied or manually entered) will only apply if the registrants meet certain criteria.

    *New Flex Release* Allow Page Access by Weblink Only: You can now create pages that are only accessible through a weblink. This is a new setting available in the Site Designer for website pages. These pages won't be visible in the navigation panel. Use case for this - Steven is designing an event website for his company's picnic. He wants to design a custom landing page for people who arrive at the event website through the company's website. He creates a custom page and weblink to that page then sets it so it is not visible in the normal site navigation, but is still active.

    *New Flex Release* Email Recipient Management: You can now manage the recipients for post-registration emails. Emails for primary registrants, group members, and guests can be set to send to additional recipients (like group leaders and administrators) along with, or instead of, the main recipient.

    *New Flex Release* Read-Only Personal Information Fields for Registration Modification: Now, the first name, last name, and email address fields will be in read-only mode during registration modification. You can control this feature with the new "Allow invitees to modify their personal information after registration" setting at the registration path level.

    *New Flex Release* Admission Items Refund: You can now choose how invitees can be refunded when they switch their admission item. Along with the option to refund the entire amount paid for the admission item, you can now choose to refund the invitee based on a refund policy they've created.

    *New Flex Release* Staff List: You can now display the staff list to your invitees. This list acts as a point of contact for guests and includes any person who is considered event personnel.

    *New Flex Release* Expanded Question Visibility Logic: You can now limit who can see certain registration questions by registrant or by specific contact fields. Before, you were only able to limit visibility by agenda item or travel widget. This allows you to further tailor the registration experience.

    Custom View for Invitees & Registrants Page: You can now customize the Invitees & Registrants page to show the information you want to see in both Classic and Flex events. You can choose up to five columns, and this view will only apply to you (other users can choose their own columns). If you ever want to go back to the original view, you can always click the "Reset to Default" button in the top right corner.

    *Classic Registration Only* Default Answers for Choice Questions: Save your attendees time by making common or likely answers selected by default. This new feature is available for both single-answer and multiple-answer choice questions across your event surveys, registration questions, and travel registration questions.

    Engagement Score Release: With Cvent's Engagement Score, found under Promotion and Communication > Engagement Score, you can now qualify attendees based on their unique set of activities across the physical and digital space. You can use this data to understand attendee engagement to quickly determine the next step your team should take.

    • The supported interactions for our first release are Event Registration, Event Check-in, Session Registration, Session Check-in.
    • **This is NOT currently enabled in all customer accounts as it is still in its first phase. If you'd like to leverage this functionality, reach out to your Cvent Account Team.***


    Cvent Events App for Salesforce

     Add Salesforce campaign members directly to Cvent events: You can now easily add campaign members to any linked Cvent event. To do this, simply add them to an invitation list or send them an invitation email.

    New "Attended" field for attendees: You can now track the participation of your attendees by using the new "Attended" field. The field value for each attendee will be "Yes," "No," or blank (which simply means that the event's attendance data has not yet been updated).

    Improved error-logging with an option to purge: An all-new, more informative error logging mechanism is now available for easier troubleshooting within the app. You also have an option to purge the error logs to save storage space.

    Sync data to Salesforce app without affecting your contacts and leads: We've added more ways to sync Cvent attendee data without updating corresponding Salesforce contacts and leads. There's a new option in "Single Match" and "Multiple Match" settings to only update the matched attendee record. Under "No Match" settings, there's now an option to take "No Action."

    Option to deactivate connection with Cvent: You can now choose to disable your Salesforce app's connection with Cvent accounts on the app's configuration page. (You can also always turn it back on from the same place.)




    Dynamic Event Guide Contacts: For events using the Dynamic Event Guide, we've added a new Contacts section that appears after the event has ended and displays each attendee's most recent contacts as well as a quick export option for all contacts.

    Poll Visibility and Testing Permissions: Polls associated to sessions are now locked in the app by default and automatically open for responses at the session start time. You can also assign poll testers who will have access to session polls before they become available for attendees.
    Note: These updates only affect polls placed on sessions, and not polls anywhere else in the app.

    Support for iPad Landscape Mode: Dynamic Event Guide now supports landscape mode for attendees using iPad. Before this update, we already supported portrait mode, but now attendees can view the app in either orientation.

    Quick Access to Profile Editing: We added an "Edit Profile" option to the attendee Profile tab's menu in the top right in order to make it faster and easier for attendees to update their profiles.

    View All Appointments on Appointments List: For both CrowdCompass and Cvent Appointments, attendees will now see all their appointments on the list, including ones they created.

    Activity Feed Prompt for Hidden Attendees: Attendees who are hidden from other attendees now receive a notification when they try to interact with the activity feed. A modal will appear with the prompt to select "Make me visible". This lets the attendee know they're hidden and also urges them to go visible to interact with the activity feed and others at the event.

    "Up Next" Card Improvements: Now, the "Up Next" card won't appear to attendees on the Dynamic Event Guide unless there's a session coming up in the next 24 hours. Before this update, the "Up Next" card would appear days or months in advance of the event. Improving the timing of this card makes it more dynamic and engaging, making the information more relevant and timelier for your attendees.
    Note: The "Up Next" card still appears when an attendee isn't logged in, in order to prompt them to log in and build their schedule.

    Event Banner Removed From Dynamic Event Guide: We removed the event banner from the top of the Dynamic Event Guide. This includes the event's icon and name. You can now make more use of this space to get valuable and timely content to your attendees.

    *Android Release* Session Notifications: We clearly let attendees know their registration status when they try to register or unregister for limited-capacity sessions in the app. A notification appears letting the attendee know if registration was a success (or why it wasn't) if it didn't go through. This helps makes the process far more clear for attendees and matches up with existing iOS behavior.

    Updated "Featured Speakers" Order: During an event, featured speakers will now appear in the Dynamic Event Guide in an order that's relevant to current and upcoming sessions, rather than in a random order like before. This smart ordering helps attendees see speakers in an order relevant to when they'll see them speak at the event. You can now feel confident setting up a featured speakers list in EventCenter ahead of your event, rather than needing to manually change the list each day to keep it relevant for their attendees.

    Added Schedule Option for Single Agenda Events: For events where all attendees follow the same agenda, we added a new "Schedule Only" setting that hides the My Schedule tab and displays all sessions on the overall schedule instead. Attendees will not be able to add sessions to a personal schedule or use appointments. In the Dynamic Event Guide, all sessions will automatically show in the Happening Now and Up Next sections.

    Login Option for Activity Feed: In EventCenter, you can now enable a setting to require login before someone can view and interact with the app's activity feed. The activity feed contains attendee names and photos, so this is a valuable option for security-focused planners, and also to planners who want to encourage attendees to log in and get the most out of the event.


    Onsite Solutions – OnArrival


    (OnArrival iOS) Universal Check-in: Universal Check-in enables OnArrival iOS to seamlessly scan attendee tradeshow badges into your event for a rapid check-in experience.

     (OnArrival iOS) Disable Payments: You can now block all attendees with a balance from checking in. This can be found under the "Disable Payments" setting on the account level. If you're interested in leveraging this functionality, reach out to a member of your Cvent Account Team to enable this in your account (as the initial switch is done on the Cvent back-end).

    (OnArrival iOS) Guests Payments: Guests will be prompted to pay the primary registrant's balance due (if there is one outstanding). This is to prevent registrants checking in without paying their balance due when payments are being collected in OnArrival.

    (OnArrival iOS) NFC QuickScan: For Active RFID events, NFC QuickScan allows attendees to check in and out of an event and sessions by tapping their badge on an external Bluetooth NFC reader. Compatible hardware is required for this feature.

    (OnArrival Android) Checkout Times: You can now utilize checkout mode in order to collect a time stamp for when an attendee leaves a room. Based on the check in and check out times, you can award credit for attending your event.

    (OnArrival Android) Event and Session Stats: We've made additions to the new Event and Session Stats feature where you'll be able to drill-down into both the check-ins over time and check-ins by registration type to get more information. When you drill down into the check-ins over time chart, you'll still be able to view the line chart, but also see a tabular breakdown of how many people came at each period of time, with that peak time highlighted. For the check-ins by registration type, you'll be able to view all of the check-ins and registration counts for each of the registration types within the event or session. This provides all your check-in counts in one easy-to-find location in the app.

    (OnArrival Android) Attendee Profile Access: You can now access an attendee's profile from the attendee list. Once you're on an attendee's profile, you can view all of their information from standard contact fields to registration questions.
    Note: You need to be using the iOS version of OnArrival to view payments, edit contact fields, and substitute attendees in the attendee profile.


    Onsite Solutions - LeadCapture


    Two New LeadCapture SKUs: Exhibitors will now see options for a 3Pack bundle of BYOD licenses and Rental Device Delivery.

    • 3Pack Bundle:When activated in Account Management, the 3Pack option replaces the current BYOD license options on the Exhibitor's LeadCapture license purchase screen. Additional BYOD licenses can be purchased after the new 3Pack has been selected to purchase or already purchased.
    • Rental Device Delivery:The Delivery option will enable delivery of device rentals directly to Exhibitor's Booths by onsite Cvent staff.


    LeadCapture/Marketo Integration: LeadCapture can now seamlessly flow into Marketo, giving your marketing team insight into the leads collected by your booth staff.


     Onsite Solutions - Universal LeadCapture

    Appointment Invitees Into Leads: Now through Universal Appointments, lead gatherers can check-in and convert all appointment invitees into leads.

    Standardized Country and State Code Fields: Country and state contact fields now include standardized country and state code fields in Universal LeadCapture.

    Custom Field Support: Universal LeadCapture Custom Field Support will help capture all fields from Experient-hosted events.


    Onsite Solutions – Exhibitor Management

    Task Management (in Flex events only): With our new task management tool, you can easily assign and track tasks for exhibitors. This saves you time managing various tasks that typically take place within emails and spreadsheets. Now, everything can be in one place.



    Basic Feedback Surveys for Flex Events

    Report Enhancements: Based on customer feedback, we've split the "Event Feedback by Invitee (One Survey)" report into 2 separate reports. They are: General Feedback Details, which is dedicated to general feedback survey results, and Session Feedback Details, which is dedicated to session feedback survey results.

    Auto-Send Emails When an Invitee Completes the Survey: Emails can now be automatically sent after an invitee or guest completes a general event feedback survey. This email can be used as a confirmation and is available under Event emails.
    Note: If the invitee or guest is eligible to take multiple surveys, this email will only be sent after they complete all of the surveys they're eligible to take.

    Premium Feedback Surveys for Flex Events

    General Feedback Survey Visibility Logic: Looking to ask different survey questions to your VIP attendees? You can now use survey visibility logic to define what surveys an attendee can see based on the criteria they meet. You'll set up your criteria on the general feedback surveys and the survey will only appear for attendees who meet that criteria.

    Collect Feedback Before, During, and After the Event: You can now create multiple general feedback surveys and configure them to be available before, during, and/or after the event with new availability settings.  The pre-event survey can help you get a general read of the attendees and their expectations for the event, using surveys during the event can keep your attendees engaged and collect in-the-moment feedback, and post-event surveys can help you gather overall event experience feedback.

    Award Session Credits After Survey Completion: You can now automatically award session credits to attendees after they've completed a session survey. Previously, this feature was available only for event credits but now has been extended.

    Session Rating Comparison Report: You can now compare average ratings across multiple sessions in a single report. All of the rating questions in the session survey will be displayed alongside the session information. This report will help you and your stakeholders quickly scan and identify top-rated sessions and sessions that need some improvement.

    Auto-Send Emails When an Invitee Completes the Survey: Emails can now be automatically sent after an invitee or guest completes a general event feedback survey. This email can be used as a confirmation and is available under Event emails.
    Note: If the invitee or guest is eligible to take multiple surveys, this email will only be sent after they complete all of the surveys they're eligible to take.

    Visibility Logic for Images and Text Widgets: You can now set up visibility logic for image and text widgets. This allows you to display certain images and text to attendees based on certain criteria. This feature is already available for survey questions but has now been extended.

    Scoring Surveys: You can now score general feedback surveys. You can assign points to answer choices in the survey, and the attendees who take the survey will be awarded those points based on their answers. You'll be able to report based on the scores received for each general feedback survey.

    Session Rating Comparison Report Enhancements: The "Session Rating Comparison" report has been enhanced to include multiple events, which allows you to compare the ratings for sessions across their events. The report also provides a color-coded overall rating that can help planners to easily scan for the top-performing sessions.


    Standalone Surveys in Surveys (New)


    Scoring Surveys: Surveys can now be set up to evaluate responses. You can assign points to answer choices in the survey, and the respondents who take the survey will be awarded those points based on their answers. You can report on the score received for the entire survey as well as view the score breakdown by chapter. The "Answer Details by Respondent (Displays one respondent per row)" report and the "Response Data Export" report have been enhanced to display scores received by each respondent.

    Survey Response Tracking Report: A new response-tracking report called "Survey Response Tracking" has been added under Admin > Reporting > Standard Reports. This report helps track responses collected across all the surveys in the account. You can run this report to see the total responses collected for a given time period and see the response counts for each survey.

    Chapter Visibility Logic: Looking to ask different questions to different respondents based on their contact or respondent information? You'll set up your criteria on individual chapters and the chapter will only appear for respondents who meet that criteria.

    Animated Message on Survey Completion Page: Now, you can add an animation widget to the "Thank You" page that will animate when respondents complete the survey and reach that page. You can choose between a checkmark, envelope, or list animation.

    Custom Fonts: You can now use custom fonts in the survey designer to make the survey match their brand guidelines. They can upload their fonts by going to Admin > Account > General > Custom Fonts.

    Multiple Thank You Pages: Surveys can now have multiple "thank you" pages. You can set up criteria the respondent must meet to see the "thank you" page. The pages can also be reordered, so the respondent will see the first "thank you" page they match the criteria for.

    Visibility Logic for Images and Text Widgets: You can now set up visibility logic for image and text widgets. This allows you to display certain images and text to attendees based on certain criteria. This feature is already available for survey questions but has now been extended.

    Editable Response: You can now choose to make your surveys editable. This means that respondents can modify their responses even after they've submitted the survey.


    California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Updates


    What Does It Do? And Who Is Affected?: Grants California residents new rights regarding their personal information and imposes various data protection duties on for-profit entities conducting business in California. In a nutshell, it affects for-profit companies doing business in California or with California residents.

    What Does It Mean For Industry Professionals?: Changes are needed to ensure compliance, primarily providing stakeholders with transparency, consumer rights and data security.

    Which Products Have Been Enhanced To Focus On Transparency?: Event Classic, Event Flex, Inquisium, CrowdCompass, QuickMobile, DoubleDutch, OnArrival, Conference, Passkey, Social Tables, WeddingSpot.

    When Does it Go Into Effect?: CCPA went into effect on 1/1/2020. Enforcement starts on 7/1/2020. To learn more, visit

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