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  • 1.  Session question for pre-conference roundtables

    Posted 04-21-2021 10:51
    Does anyone know how or if it's possible to associate 1 question with multiple sessions?

    I have our 3 pre-conference roundtables set up in a session group so registrants can only select one. We have had issues in the past with registrants selecting multiple roundtables even though they are at the same time so we are using session groups to avoid this.

    I see that I can associate a question with one specific session, but I need this question associated with all the pre-conference roundtables so people not attending don't see it. I can't figure out if there is a way to do this or if I am overthinking.

    Would appreciate any thoughts on getting this to work or if it's even possible to do in Flex.

    Thank you in advance!

    LaTika Webster
    Events Manager
    Indiana Credit Union League

  • 2.  RE: Session question for pre-conference roundtables

    Posted 04-21-2021 14:43
    Hi LaTika -  I had this same issue with admission items on an event and found out that currently, a Flex event question can only be associated to one admission item or session at a time.


    Jane Hollyer
    Senior Project Manager