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Q&A from our Q4 2018 Product Update Webinar

  • 1.  Q&A from our Q4 2018 Product Update Webinar

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 04-08-2019 09:48
    Edited by Tristen Asrejadid 04-15-2019 16:54

    For those unfamiliar with the Quarterly Product Update, Cvent hosts a webinar once per quarter to deliver the latest product updates and enhancements. This is your chance to hear directly from our Product Managers themselves and ask your questions live.

    For those who joined us in mid-February for our Q4 2018 updates, thanks for attending! We hope you found the presented content valuable. You asked your questions, and we have your answers. Below you will find what was asked in this past webinar session, broken down by product:


    Abstract Management

    Question: Are you working on going one level deeper with sub-questions so that sub-questions can have sub-questions?

    Answer: We are not working on that currently, and it is not part of our short-term roadmap. However, we may look to add this functionality in the future.

    Question: When will the ability to add additional pages be available?

    Answer: You can do this now! In the site designer, you can add any number of additional pages and add questions to those pages.



    Are Appointments going to integrate with Flex soon?

    Answer: At this time, you are able to integrate the Appointments tool with a Flex event.



    For the CrowdCompass/Event integration, will we ever be able to select which accepted registrants push through into the app?

    Answer: There are a couple of possible workarounds, for example hiding the attendee, but you're not necessarily able to choose whether they sync over or not. Contact your Cvent account team to talk through your setup options.


    Cvent Supplier Network

    Have you considered upping the limit of hotels we can reach per city which I believe is 20. If they decline us, it doesn't allow us to add more

    Answer: Once you receive a response from other venues, you should be able to add more! Contact your Cvent account team if you are having difficulties. The goal of keeping the limit at 20 is to avoid blasting RFPs to venues and ultimately devaluing each RFP if the hotels are receiving a heavy number of requests and they only win a very small portion of business compared to time spent responding. If you are looking to have more than 20 requests at a single time, talk to your Account Manager about the CSN Enterprise package!



    Will Flex eventually be built to have a sub-question of a sub-question?

    Answer: Registration Questions will follow the same logic as Classic registration - you can have one or multiple sub-questions to a single question, however at this time the functionality of creating a sub-question to an already existing sub-question is not on the roadmap.

    Question: We have an event in October 2019 and we need to launch our website in June 2019. Will Optional Items be available prior to June 2019?

    Answer: Our product management team shares their Flex feature priorities with us quarterly so you can stay in the loop with what's coming next - we have received the priorities through April, and Optional Items are not listed at this time. If starting to build your site sooner than June, it may be best at this time to stick to a Classic Registration event (if Optional Item functionality is a crucial part of your registration process). Always remember to connect with your Cvent Account Team to strategically think through your event setup.

    Question: Will Classic Registration be turned off once Flex is fully complete?

    Answer: We will give all Cvent users plenty of notice before fully shutting off Classic. It will not be until after Flex is at feature complete, which is currently scheduled to be later in 2019. Your Cvent account team will reach out to you when timelines have been further established.

    Question: Would you share any tutorial about what can be done with Flex when building the website? We have samples but want to see how they were created.

    Answer: We recently released a webinar, Web Design Best Practices to Maximize Your Events, which goes through exactly what you're looking for! The webinar is led by members of our Client Services and Web Design teams to learn best practices and tips while designing your Flex websites. This webinar is hosted every other Tuesday at 2pm ET and will move to an on-demand version in the next coming months.

    Question: Is there a roadmap for what features will be worked on in which order for Project Flex? Specifically looking to see when I can expect multi-language events.

    Answer: Our product management team shares their Flex feature priorities with us quarterly so you can stay in the loop with what's coming next - we have received the priorities through April, and Multi-Language Events are not listed at this time. You can expect that release to be later in 2019.

    Question: What is Eloqua?

    Answer: Eloqua is a software as a service (SaaS) platform for marketing automation offered by Oracle that aims to help B2B marketers and organizations manage marketing campaigns and sales lead generation. Cvent offers an out-of-the-box integration with Eloqua to better streamline marketing efforts and processes for your organization.

    Question: Will legacy events remain visible in Cvent even after you can no longer create them?

    Answer: Absolutely! You will never lose that data. In the future (not just yet), you will lose the ability to copy said event, but you will never lose any of that historical data.

    Question: Are you looking to add the Flex capabilities to the Express events?

    Answer: The Express drag-and-drop designer will likely get a face-lift in the future, however Express will still serve as the platform for creating those quick, one-off events with less robust feature needs.

    Question: Is there a way to auto-populate things inside hotel requests in Flex? Example – if they say they don't need a roommate it would auto-populate to be a king-sized bed?

    Answer: Not currently, however we are always looking for suggestions on how to improve feature functionality.



    Why does CrowdCompass support two-way session registrations but OnArrival does not?

    Answer: CrowdCompass and OnArrival are functionally different apps. Individuals do not register for sessions in OnArrival directly – it's an extension of the Event Management system and is used primarily to check people into your event and/or sessions.


    For Passkey, can you see the rooming list in Cvent once it has been awarded and guests have begun booking?

    Answer: Yes! If you are using Cvent registration and have the two-way integration set up between Event and Passkey, you will be able to pull a report in Cvent with the current rooming list. You will also have access to this report in Passkey.


    Registration for the Q1 2019 Quarterly Product Update webinar is right around the corner – we can't wait to see you there! Make sure you follow Product News in the Cvent Community to ensure you don't miss signing up.


    Tristen Asrejadid
    Cvent Community Beta Users