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  • 1.  Huddle of the Week #12: Hybrid Event Venue Requirements

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 12-07-2020 11:44

    Hi, all! We're here with our first Huddle of the Week discussion of December. In last week's huddle, we heard what priorities you feel planners and suppliers should align on to successfully (and safely) prepare for in-person events. We saw that communication will be key, not only between the event planner and supplier, but also to the attendees, to ensure they feel comfortable and ready for the event.

    Now, taking it to the next level, we know that you will be up for new learning opportunities when it comes to hybrid events. There are certainly different onsite and venue needs, particularly A/V requirements, for a hybrid event compared to an entirely in-person event. @Jenn Dooley made a great point on this thread about the importance of forward thinking when looking to the future of hybrid. So, let's discuss what planners are looking for from our suppliers to logistically support a hybrid event, and how suppliers can enhance their offerings:

    • What are the main offerings/requirements that planners are looking for from hoteliers to support hybrid events?
    • What is the most unique offering you are looking for?

    If you're looking for some initial ideas, check out this blog on Hybrid Events for Venues: How to Prepare for the Future. Let us know your thoughts and questions below! If you are a supplier/hotelier, be sure to jump in and share what your venue is looking to do, as well. #HuddleoftheWeek #VoiceIt 

    Looking to learn more? Here are even more resources on hybrid events:


    Danni Czark
    Senior Associate, Online Community Marketing

  • 2.  RE: Huddle of the Week #12: Hybrid Event Venue Requirements

    Community MVP
    Posted 12-11-2020 10:42
    We just successfully executed our team's first virtual event, 99% live. It was very successful and attendees raved about how having a live event made it so much more impactful and pleasing.

    For a Hybrid event, I'd like to keep it 99% (or more) LIVE, so I envision enabling presenters to present to the in-person audience as well as the virtual audience, and for collaborative sessions, put the virtual attendees into their own collaborative virtual rooms.

    Hotels are going to need to offer room setups that not only follow pandemic protocols (max capacity, minimum distance) but also support a Presenter who is presenting live to an-in-person audience as well as a virtual one.

    Having a space for high-quality virtual General Session is a must. They must have a minimum of equipment onsite and work well with 3rd party production companies for advanced virtual production.

    On my wish list would be robots that virtual attendees could drive into rooms to see and hear sessions and network with others. :-)

    Brenda Ainsburg
    Channel Program Manager
    Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
    United States

  • 3.  RE: Huddle of the Week #12: Hybrid Event Venue Requirements

    Community MVP
    Posted 12-11-2020 12:25
    While I'm not part of the Sales or Convention Services team, I would assume that planners are looking for hotels to adhere to the safety guidelines (social distancing, hand sanitizer stations, option on food services (buffet vs. plated vs. boxed meals or even vouchers for restaurants), contactless check-in and check-outs, broadened seating (less chairs and distance).

    In addition I would say that the hotels need to get a bit more creative as normal (offer outside tents, events to allow for better social distancing).


    Andrea Timbes-Cox
    CRM Administrator & Lead Catcher
    Visit Fort Worth

  • 4.  RE: Huddle of the Week #12: Hybrid Event Venue Requirements

    Posted 12-14-2020 09:01

    While we are not planning any hybrid events till next year (possibly) I would imagine that high on the list would be health and safety protocols to ensure a safe event but also to build attendee and sponsor confidence. With the need to provide both in-person and virtual experiences, I would think that checking to ensure that all tech requirements, A/V, wifi, etc. would be critical.

    Bouran Qaddumi
    National Field Trainer
    Cajun Operating Company d/b/a Church's Chicken

  • 5.  RE: Huddle of the Week #12: Hybrid Event Venue Requirements

    Community MVP
    Posted 12-14-2020 15:54
    Hotels have become very creative with food and beverage offerings (moved to individual serving items) and meeting set ups.  As it pertains to Hybrid Events hotel can become valuable partners in assisting  managing the events from the property!  Outdoor space and creative activities are important when selecting a hotel.

    Colleen Beck
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    The Westin Tampa Bay

  • 6.  RE: Huddle of the Week #12: Hybrid Event Venue Requirements

    Posted 12-16-2020 09:19
    I think fining a hotel that can assist and has some experience with hybrid events would be amazing. Even if they had resources or 3rd party connections to assist in this strange time would be great

    Coy Rushton
    Graphic Designer
    Primary Residential Mortgage

  • 7.  RE: Huddle of the Week #12: Hybrid Event Venue Requirements

    Community MVP
    Posted 12-16-2020 12:44
    The more I hear about hybrid events, the less jazzed about them I am, because it seems like it's planning two very different events at once and somehow hoping everybody has a good experience! 
    The root of the issue for me is that presenting to a virtual audience is much different than to an in-person audience for the type of sessions we offer. beyond the general sessions, I wouldn't want to livestream from the back of the room for example. My current idea would be to ask presenters to present twice: once for the in-person audience, and once for the online audience. This way, as a planner I take advantage of having all my presenters in one place, and I can offer the best experience to both audiences. 
    That would mean, on the venue side, requesting a couple of rooms to be optimized for a fully virtual experience (away from the noise of the rest of the conference, with space for cameras, sound boards, etc).

    Béline FALZON
    Conference Program Specialist II
    California Teachers Association