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Purchase Order on Invoice

  • 1.  Purchase Order on Invoice

    Posted 09-16-2019 00:55

    On my Registration Details page the attendees have an option to add a Purchase Order number
    If they entered information into this field - how can I get it to appear on the invoice?

    Kind regards

    Lisa Tubb

  • 2.  RE: Purchase Order on Invoice

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 09-18-2019 12:18
    Hi Lisa,

    Can you confirm that the Purchase Order field is a Custom Contact Field, and you are using Cvent's Invoice feature through the Badges & Certificates section? If so, you can add a data tag for the Custom Contact Field onto the designer.


    Danni Czark
    Lead Client Success Advisor

  • 3.  RE: Purchase Order on Invoice

    Posted 09-18-2019 14:59
    You can create a data tag. Check out this article: Hope it helps!

    Melissa Thuston
    Sr. Corporate Meeting and Event Planner
    Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

  • 4.  RE: Purchase Order on Invoice

    Posted 09-19-2019 08:12
    It sounds like you created a field, but not a data tag. If you create it as a data tag, you can then use that data tag in your invoice, in the same way you would use a data tag for a first name, for example.

    Lori Wildman
    Senior Marketing Manager
    DuCharme McMilllen & Associates

  • 5.  RE: Purchase Order on Invoice

    Posted 09-22-2019 21:22
    Add a data tag to your custom field and they should be able to export into the report

    Kim Schechter
    Program and Administrative Manager
    Executive Director Inc.

  • 6.  RE: Purchase Order on Invoice

    Posted 09-23-2019 11:32

    I'm assuming you turned on the option: "Purchase Order" in your pay path's tab summary & payment.....

    If yes, "Purchase Order" should show-up as a payment, under data tag:  {[C-PAYMENT METHOD]}.

    Then creating a data tag for the registrants entry is the cleanest way to make it happen on the invoice. Create a data tag for the custom field. Add both data tags to your invoice via the badges and certificates function.

    Jacqueline C. Ward, CMP
    Director, Continuing Legal Education & Special Events, UNC-Chapel Hill