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Weekly Product Release Notes - August 25, 2020

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - August 25, 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 08-25-2020 09:27
    Happy Tuesday and, more importantly, happy Cvent CONNECT week! (Still not registered? It's not too late - you're gonna want to join us). This week we've got releases to share across #Event(Flex), #MeetingsManagement, #CrowdCompass, and #OnArrival - check them out below.


    Event Management


    Custom Identification Process with Marketo: You can now use the Marketo custom identification process to retrieve an invitee's registration type or to pre-populate invitee information during registration. You can manage these settings in the registration path-level in the Site Designer.

    "Add to Calendar" for Virtual Events: You can now add event and session-level virtual details, like URLs and passwords, using the "Add to Calendar" button in the email and website designer.


    Enterprise / Meetings Management


    Meeting Request Forms


    Virtual Event Field: A new, virtual event standard field is available for Legacy meeting request forms. The default text is "Will any part of your event be virtual or have a live stream?" and matches the existing field in Event. This new MRF field integrates with the field in Event so the response can be carried over to the requester's event after it's created from the request. This helps streamline the new virtual event feature.

    Event Custom Field Enhancements: We've expanded the active/inactive answers feature for event choice custom fields so now the New Meeting Request Form honors this configuration. The New MRF users will only see the active choices in a custom dropdown, radio button, or multi-select field.




    Embedded Videos on Virtual Session Pages: You can now allow attendees to participate in a virtual session right on the session's page for Android and iOS, just like they already can on the Online Event Guide (OEG). This way the attendee won't need to leave the page they're on to join a virtual session or watch a recording. To set this up, you can enable an embedded video in EventCenter.

    Import and Export Support for Video Links: Session import and export templates now support virtual session embedded video links (URLs). This will reduce time for if you're managing a lot of sessions with different links.

    Single Sign-On (SSO) for EventCenter: Including an SSO login option gives you a new, more secure way to log into EventCenter. With SSO, you use your company's domain to log in and credentials are managed by your company rather than through Cvent.

    Sign-On (SSO) for European Events: European events can now have the attendee SSO feature enabled for their events as well. This is the same experience as the North American data center. 


    Onsite Solutions – OnArrival


    Attendee List Enhancements: OnArrival's new Attendee List includes a complete overhaul, including improved functionality such as filtering, sorting, and performance.

    Kiosk Filter Enhancements: Filters to limit check-ins by company, registration type, and/or admission item are now available in Kiosk Mode.

    Pending Attendees: A new section of pending records allows you to easily troubleshoot your event.

    RFID Last Seen: For RFID events, you can see the last location a consenting attendee was seen in Attendee Details.





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