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Weekly Product Release Notes - July 22, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - July 22, 2021

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 07-22-2021 12:06

    Hello Cvent Community! Get excited for some more product updates coming your way – keep reading to check out the enhancements for #AttendeeHub, #Event(Flex) Integrations, and #OnsiteSolutions OnArrival. 


    Attendee Hub

    Introduced Live Q&A auto-approval: When setting up Live Q&A, you can now enable auto-approval if you want to make all Q&A submissions automatically visible to attendees without moderator approval. Auto-approved questions can still be declined by a moderator as needed.

    Added Q&A written responses for the Event App: Live Q&A moderators can now answer attendee questions with a written response from the Event App, in addition to the Attendee Website, allowing attendees to read the answers at any time and remain engaged throughout the session.

    Improved Event App attendee list performance: We've improved the attendee list functionality on the Event App to support events with large numbers of attendees. To allow for this increased performance, an attendee's device must now be connected to the internet to access the list.
    Added schedule preview on the Attendee Website: Attendees will be able to preview up to three upcoming items on their personal schedule from any page on the Attendee Website by hovering their cursor over the calendar icon in the top-right.

    Enhanced Add to Calendar functionality on the Attendee Website: Attendees can now choose to add a session to their personal calendar using browser email services like Google, Outlook, and Yahoo, or download a traditional calendar file from the Attendee Website.

    Added support for inbound leads on the Event App: If you've enabled inbound leads, attendees can now send a direct message to exhibitors from their profile on the Event App, in addition to the Attendee Website. Attendees who send a message will be marked as a lead for the exhibitor.

    Event Registration (Flex)


    More API's:
    - Registrations
    - Webcasts
    - Surveys
    - Attendee Activities
    - Attendee Insights
    - Exhibitors

    Developers can find a complete listing of available APIs, detailed information about individual APIs and their capabilities on the new developer portal:

    New Developer Experience: Developers can securely create their own accounts without requiring Cvent to setup account credentials.
    - You can invite your developers to sign up and grant them API access based on the desired integration use cases.
    - REST API access will be based on tiered access for Professional and Enterprise clients.
    - Developers can follow changes specifically related to REST APIs in the new changelog:


    Cvent Salesforce App Version 5.5: This release includes new features and updates to existing features. Refer here for details:


    Hybrid Events: OnArrival now supports Hybrid events with new dashboards and performance enhancements available for you. Stats can be viewed for virtual, in-person, and total attendees.


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