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Weekly Product Release Notes - April 21, 2020

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - April 21, 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 04-21-2020 14:21

    Happy Tuesday, Cvent Community! Does anyone else feel like April is moving at the speed of light, or is it just me? Anyway, exciting #EventCloud releases to share today across #Event(Flex) / #Event(Classic) integrations, #MeetingsManagement, #Appointments, and #Admin/Reporting. Read below for more info.


    Event Management

    Cvent Salesforce App – Version 4.0

    We're excited to announce the launch of the Cvent Salesforce App Version 4.0! This release brings a new look and feel to the App, as well as significant improvements to the underlying architecture of our integration. These technology upgrades are now compatible with Salesforce Shield Encryption and give you more granular control over who has access to event data within the App.

    With this release, you will now be able to sync more contact and event fields between systems and create reports that combine attendee data with other Salesforce data. We have also added new ways to link events with your Salesforce campaigns, including the ability to sync data from a past date and filter campaign members before sending event invitations. For a full overview of all new features and functionality, reach out to your Cvent Account Team for additional details.

    Enterprise/Meetings Management


    New Meeting Request Forms

    Budget Estimate:
    You can now include a Budget Estimate widget on the new MRF. This widget connects directly to the event budget and allows the requester to add estimated budget data. The data then flows into the event budget when the event is created, which streamlines the process for the meeting planner.

    Status History: You and your requesters can now view a status history of the meeting request. You can access the history from the "Details" tab of the MRF, while requesters can access the history from the dropdown menu in the meeting request list in Access Portal.

    Custom Answer Formats: The new MRF now supports custom answer formats, which allows you to choose specific formats for the text fields on the MRF. This can be set up at the account level (in Admin).

    Custom Field Updates: Now, any changes made to the custom event fields are shown on the MRF without having to remove and add the field again.

    Meeting Request Form Migration Tools: Based on feedback, we've made some improvements to the tools used to migrate legacy MRFs. This includes the migration of custom answer formats and question tags. Contact your Cvent Account Team for more information on these tools.


    Delay Table Assignment:
    You can now delay automatic table assignment for appointments on a location-by-location basis. With this new option enabled, tables won't be assigned until the appointment is accepted by an attendee from a different company than the host. This helps minimize the chances of tables being reserved for appointments that don't end up taking place. To keep track of appointments without tables, visit the Locations tab on the planner calendar.

    Concurrent Appointments: You can now allow any given location to have more than 1 appointment at the same time. If the location doesn't have tables, the maximum number of appointments is up to the planner. If the location does have tables, then the number of tables determines how many appointments can happen at once. (Example: A location with 5 tables can have up to 5 appointments at the same time).


    Exports can now be performed directly from the report list page. You can export up to 1,000 fields from this page, as opposed to the 150 field limit that exists when you export from within a report. This is because the report is not required to run before exporting on the list page.


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