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Admin Access to Viewing Sessions in Virtual Attendee Hub

  • 1.  Admin Access to Viewing Sessions in Virtual Attendee Hub

    Posted 03-22-2021 08:05
    We are hosting a large event this coming week via Virtual Attendee Hub, and while we closed registration/modifications to session selection for attendees on 3/17, we're hoping there is a way that a few of our Administrators can log in and view the sessions via the virtual attendee hub. 

    It would be great to do so, we are going to be managing the green room, and would like to be able to view the sessions as the attendees are, and check for any tech issues, etc. during the air time. We have some breakout sessions, in which, attendees were only able to select one session at a time -- but, feel like there should be SOME WAY on the backend for administrators to bypass that restriction and easily hop in and out of concurrent sessions. 

    If this isn't already something that Cvent allows, it should definitely be something they consider. It's going to be a real pain having to edit /modify my sessions every single time I want to switch to a different one....


    Allison Ball
    Events & Communications Manager
    Global Ties U.S.( Previously National Council for International Visitors )

  • 2.  RE: Admin Access to Viewing Sessions in Virtual Attendee Hub

    Community MVP
    Posted 03-25-2021 13:46
    Hi Allison, 

    If your administrators are Cvent users, they can log into the Cvent backend and circumvent the issue that way. 
    Another solution, especially if the goal is for them to jump from one to the next, would be to share a spreadsheet of the virtual session's details with them. Not the most graceful but very effective. 

    If you would rather have those administrators use the Attendee Hub for all session access, you might be able to create a registration type or admission item that is subject to different session selection rules for them. I haven't tested it, but you might also be able to select them and assign them all the sessions directly in the backend rather than through the Hub/registration, thus bypassing the rules (I do that for Board Members who have "secret" meetings, built as closed sessions but that I assign to them anyway). 

    Hope that gives you some options!

    Béline FALZON
    Conference Program Specialist II
    California Teachers Association