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Sending Restaurant Gift Cards to Virtual Event Attendees

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  • 1.  Sending Restaurant Gift Cards to Virtual Event Attendees

    Posted 06-23-2020 16:59
    Hello, Planner Community!

    I recently saw an article about how to further engage attendees during virtual events by sending them a restaurant / meal delivery service gift card that they can use to order food to be delivered. It was mentioned that this could also be used as a more-fun reminder that the time of the event may span the lunch hour where they are located.

    Does anyone have any thoughts / opinions / experience with this that they'd like to share? We normally put on fully-hosted events, with all meals included. Do you think that attendees would be insulted about receiving a gift card for a restaurant or meal delivery service?

    Thank you!

    Amy Bell
    Meeting and Event Planner
    Carlisle Construction Materials

  • 2.  RE: Sending Restaurant Gift Cards to Virtual Event Attendees
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    Posted 06-24-2020 09:30

    Hi Amy,

    I recently attended a 'lunch and learn' with one of our vendors where they sent us credits on GrubHub to order lunch during the event. The credits were only good for the day of the event and only sent to those who registered, but I thought this was a great way to show appreciation to their attendees.

    One thing I would keep in mind if you go down the route of using a third party delivery service is the cost of the credit you send attendees. You want them to be able to order at least a sandwich and a drink, so you have to take into consideration the additional cost of the service fees and tipping the driver. I think it will take away from the service if the attendee has to contribute to the cost on their own.

    I don't think attendees would be insulted receiving the gift as long as it covers the cost of the meal. With many of us still working remote, I think it's a nice treat to not have to worry about rushing to make lunch before the event.

    Michelle Curtis
    Travel and Events Specialist
    Perkinelmer, Inc.