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Multiple Registration Types

  • 1.  Multiple Registration Types

    Posted 02-11-2020 17:05
    We have registrants who signed up to be a Presenter email us and express their interest in being an Exhibitor. We may also have Sponsors who will want to Exhibit as well.

    I was wondering if anyone has run into the issue of Cvent Classic only having capacity to have one registration type assign to each registrant for an event?
    How have you worked around this limitation?


    Christina Baeza
    Children's Health Council

  • 2.  RE: Multiple Registration Types

    Posted 02-11-2020 18:33
    Is there a reason for just one reg type?

    Or what about multiple admissions?

    Steven Schlossman
    Jack of all trades. Master of none.
    BMW Car Club of America

  • 3.  RE: Multiple Registration Types

    Posted 02-13-2020 17:52
    But there really isn't a way around the one-to one relationship with registration type to registrant short of making a number of combo types you want to cover all the combination you want to trigger upon.
    I use a combination of registration type, registration item, and optional items to identify a role in an event.
    You can also apply/assign discount codes to Sponsors registrations as they typically have discounts or a number of passes.
    You can assign sessions to your speakers,or for that matter you can use hidden sessions or optional items to each type and run your reports off those numbers.

    Sean DANIEL
    Member Services Manager
    Telecom Council (Previously - Kerton Group)