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Weekly Product Release Notes - June 9, 2020

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - June 9, 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 06-09-2020 12:33

    Happy Tuesday, Cvent Community! Hope everyone is staying healthy and staying cool (not sure how the weather's been where you live, but in Washington DC, we've had quite the heatwave). We've got a bunch of great #EventCloud product updates to share today across #Event(Flex), #MeetingsManagement, #CrowdCompass, #OnsiteSolutions Exhibitor Management, and #Appointments - check them out below!


    Event Management

    Inactive choices in custom fields: We've added a checkbox that allows you to mark existing custom field choices as active or inactive. Inactive choices will remain available for end users who've already selected them, but they will no longer appear for anyone else. These choices will also remain unchanged in existing events (and meeting requests) where they've been selected. However, new events and requests will hide them. This enhancement will improve data accuracy and continuity by no longer allowing users to choose outdated or irrelevant answers for custom fields.

    Enterprise / Meetings Management

    Updates to Citi Card integration notifications: For your Citi Card integration, you can now create multiple email notifications for all the different card and transaction actions, including virtual card approvals. This enables you to have different notifications routed to different reviewers based on criteria you define, such as card spending limit or associated billing account.


    Online Event Guide Home Page Redesign: With more attendees using the Online Event Guide (OEG) to participate in virtual events, we've given the home page a refresh with the addition of a new header graphic and featured sponsors section.

    Exhibitor Management

    Manual and Scheduling Options: You can now use manual and scheduling send options for Custom Exhibitor Emails in your Flex events.

    Task Reminder Emails: Task Reminder emails can now reference multiple incomplete tasks per exhibitor when sent from within your Flex event. Task Reminders manually triggered from with Tasks in Exhibitor Management will continue to work as previous - per task.

    Appointments / Universal Appointments

    Self-scheduled appointments: With this new appointment type, you're able to set up a list of appointments and available times, then let attendees schedule them with your organization themselves. With this type, you can also show attendees questions to better prepare themselves for the appointments.

    Specifically for Universal Appointments events, you're also able to set up a self-scheduling form in the Form Designer. This allows full visual customization to ensure the form matches your organization's branding.

    How will attendees add these to their schedule?

    For Universal Appointments events, you will share a weblink with attendees so they can access a self-scheduling appointment form. For Standard Appointments events, attendees will schedule on the attendee calendar but will not be prompted to select who they want to meet with.

    Once attendees book their appointment, you'll receive an email notification to manually assign the appropriate staff. Attendees will be automatically notified when a staff member is assigned.



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