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Weekly Product Release Notes - July 21, 2020

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - July 21, 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 07-21-2020 07:57
    Happy Tuesday, Cvent Community! We've got some great releases to share today across #Event(Flex) and the Speaker Resource Center, as well as ​​#Surveys. Check them out here.


    Event Management


    Website Data Tags for Virtual Events and Sessions: You can now add data tags in the Site Designer to share virtual details of your events and sessions with invitees. As in the Email Designer, you can find these new data tags under the virtual event and virtual session data tag categories.

    Personalized Attendee Links for Virtual Flex Events and Sessions: For a virtual Flex event or session, REST APIs can be used to create attendee-specific join links and passwords. You can now share these personalized links and passwords with your attendees using email data tags.


    Speaker Resource Center


    Session Feedback: You can now share attendee feedback surveys with your speakers (for sessions that speaker was assigned to) by using the new Session Feedback widget. This allows you to relay speaker-specific feedback, as well as share session details and other registration information.

    Maximum File Size for SRC File Uploads: You now have the option to limit the size of files you allow for any SRC file upload. The default file size is 250 MB per file, which is also the current maximum file size allowed.




    Premium Feedback Surveys for Flex Events


    Event Stakeholder Feedback: Stakeholders could be any member of the organization who has interest in the success of the event and is managing event programs, like the director of meetings, the head of the planning division, or the requester of the event. These surveys automate the process of collecting feedback from key stakeholders to help improve the event's ROI, planning team's performance, event execution, and attendee engagement.

    Session Survey Availability: You can now configure your session surveys to be available for all event registrants, regardless if they registered or participated for that session. This is helpful for sessions where you think there's a high number of walk-ins that may not be a part of the attendee registration.


    Non-Event Surveys in Surveys (New)


    Extended Response Data Export: A new downloadable report called Extended Response Data Export has been added. This allows you to get a full export of survey answer data, contact information, and respondent information.


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