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  • 1.  Tip of the Week #26: How to Showcase your Meeting Space

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 10-01-2020 13:27

    Hello, Community! For this edition of Tip of the Week, we are looking at our #hoteliers and suppliers to cover what you can do to showcase your meeting space within the #CventSupplierNetwork in the best way possible. Keep reading for some great features and best practices to keep in mind. 


    By the way, if you are an #EventProfessionals, feel free to share your feedback with our hospitality peers on what you look for when sourcing a venue!


    We know you have been faced with challenges unlike ever before, and we are now looking towards the future and how we can strengthen our industry again – starting with the one of the first steps in an event lifecycle. 


    Approach: Although you may not be giving as many onsite tours as the past, we want you to approach your venue profile as if it's an onsite tour. Take advantage of every text box and image to virtually tour the planner through the venue. Think of what you typically showcase and are most excited to present in an in-person tour and portray that through the many features in your venue profile.


    Listing image & Main image: Your natural search result image should showcase your property and how you would like it to be portrayed. If you are focusing on MICE, you should use an image that showcases an outdoor or hybrid event, as that is what many large groups will be looking for when we first return to in-person events. If your focus is incentives, you should showcase the experience you are providing. Check out this article on adding and updating images for step-by-step details. 


    Add a virtual tour to your profile. During these times, everything is digital, therefore presenting a virtual tour is the best solution to showcase the entirety of your property. It can be anything from a formal video tour, 360 tour, to a panorama video. To add this to your profile, simply open a case with our support team and include a publicly available link to the tour– we'll take it from there. 


    Venue Details: The exact details and fields you include will be dependent on your property, but take a look at this article for a complete run-down. I would recommend reviewing amenities and selecting the boxes for the amenities your venue offers. 


    Meeting Rooms: In order for the event professional to envision their event (with safety and social distancing measures in place) you can include the dimensions, capacities, and images. If the space is 100% outdoors, check the outdoor space box under other features. All of these meeting spaces will pre-populate in a menu when you create a proposal and will save you from re-entering the same information over and over. You are able to include the various room setups that the meeting space can accommodate, and customize the capacity based on this setup. Once you are done adding these details, your capacity chart will be shown through its own Meeting Space tab on your venue profile. 


    Documents: To share more information that may not be featured within your profile, you can attach documents or links. These can range from standard floorplans, menus, videos, and brochures, or include your health and safety protocols that are top of mind for your event professional partners.


    Image Gallery: Depending on your listing with Cvent, you will have the chance to showcase your property visually with the Image Gallery. Carefully select the images that best show your property, but remember your audience. Share a few images of your social distancing meeting set ups, amenities, and sleeping rooms. If you have an image that showcases your Hybrid Event capabilities, include that one in the first few images. 


    What else have you enhanced on your profile to prepare for safer in-person meetings? How are you showcasing your venue in ways that you haven't before? Share your experiences or tips with other Community users by responding below. If you have any questions, feel free to share, as well! 



    Alaina Del Real
    Sr. Solutions Specialist

  • 2.  RE: Tip of the Week #26: How to Showcase your Meeting Space

    Community MVP
    Posted 10-07-2020 10:22
    Thank you Alaina for sharing this information with us. This is great, and we will share this with our hotel partners.

    We, as a DMO, started experimenting with virtual Site Visits, which seems to be coming along well. We have updated our profile information to ensure that our health and safety information is available. And we are working very closely with our community (hotel and non-hotel partners, offering assistance in responding to leads, sharing information we learn from Cvent webinars in regards to virtual/hybrid events, and have encouraged our staff to sign up for the Digital Event Diagramming certification to allow us to understand that product better and start using it or assist our partners.

    Andrea Timbes
    CRM Administrator & Lead Catcher
    Visit Fort Worth

  • 3.  RE: Tip of the Week #26: How to Showcase your Meeting Space

    Community MVP
    Posted 10-08-2020 16:44
    This is very helpful information. We unfortunately have not began re-booking previous events that have cancelled or booking new events. With that said, we are working closely with our hotel partners and NSO's to help us understand their new policies and procedures.

    Lindsay Buchanan

  • 4.  RE: Tip of the Week #26: How to Showcase your Meeting Space

    Posted 10-09-2020 07:28
    Thanks for the info. We have been using the same venue for a while. While not perfect,  it meets our needs with minimal complaints.

    Edward House
    App and Tech Supprt
    Virginia Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development