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    Posted 3 days ago
    Like everyone else we are pivoting to virtual events. We just completed a very successful multi-day, multi-sessions event with a beautiful platform, using Zoom webinars for the sessions.

    We missed our integration with Cvent and all of the features we have with a self-managed website, registration features and configurations, emailing capabilities, reporting, etc. We did a lot of manual work to make the interface work and complete our operational tasks.

    If you are using zoom or webex for your virtual meetings, HOW are you using it?

    This is our simple use case:


    1. Receive notification from us to register for the event
    2. Register for the event and specific sessions on Cvent flex
    3. Receive/download a calendar entry for the specific sessions – one each, with details on how to join the session
    4. On the day and time of the session, access the session either via the link in the calendar entry or by navigating to the SIG/Cvent event flex website
    5. Participate in the session according to the configuration we made – e.g. attendees are all muted and can only chat or attendees are able to speak and share video
    6. After the event, run all of our excellent engagement reports – including attendance and Q&A and chat logs/transcripts


    I would sincerely appreciate any feedback regarding how you are enabling virtual events so that your attendees are engaged, happy but your team isn't ready to revolt!


    Mary Zampino, CSP, CSMP | Vice President – Content, Research & Analytics | SIG | LinkedIn: maryzampino | Twitter: @MaryZampino_SIG