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Hosting a Virtual Event

Learn how to host your event via a video broadcast...

Adding Event Calendars

Want to create an event calendar that displays in a list view format? The new event calendar does just that, while it can also be searched through using keywords and a date range...

Adding Registration Types

Registration types determine what groups of people see during registration, what they can select, and how much those items cost. They're specific to each event, and a person can have more than one. After all, today's speaker could be tomorrow's attendee...

Cancelling an Event

Only cancel an event if it's no longer going to occur. If this is the case, understand that your registrants need to be notified, and refunds will be issued to all registrants...

Running a Venue Report

Need to know how long it's taking your sales team to respond to leads? Wondering who turned down business during peak months and why...

Adding Webcast Links for Virtual Sessions in CrowdCompass

If you're hosting a virtual event, add a webcast link to your sessions to allow attendees to join them virtually from the Online Event Guide with the click of a button.

Filtering Data in Your Venue Report

Seeing too much data on your reports to find what you are looking for? Filtering eliminates extra data that you don't need to view...

Using the Meeting Request Form Designer

The meeting request Form Designer allows your to customize your portal using a responsive site. Follow the steps below to customize your meeting request form...