Solution Evolution FAQs When Going Virtual

There are a lot of changes happening to the Meetings & Events Industry right now, including launching the next evolution of Cvent products. You likely have some questions about next steps for your organization and when you should adopt new solutions depending on your goals. Check out the below FAQs that dive deeper into how the Solution Evolution plays into your virtual event strategy.

1. What new solutions help me with my virtual events?

Cvent recognized the need for greater virtual functionality and pivoted quickly. We invested in enhancing existing features as well as releasing new solutions to support you at every stage of the virtual event management process. Flex has been enhanced to bring new options and capabilities when going virtual, two examples being the newly released Virtual Event fields or the option to stream live video through the Video widget. And when it comes to new virtual event solutions, check out the Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub.

There are multiple new offerings across the Solution Evolution that can enhance your program when going virtual, for example leveraging New Meeting Request Forms to streamline event requests and requirements gathering, running New Reports to show ROI/ROE of your newly created virtual events, building an Access Portal to share your reports with internal and external stakeholders, or even Premium Feedback Surveys to easily collect online feedback.


2. How do I prove ROI when going virtual?

There are many ways to prove ROI to your exhibitors and sponsors for virtual events – we recommend reaching out to your Cvent Account Team to strategize. This could be accomplished using our new Virtual Attendee Hub solution, the Exhibitor Management module, or even CrowdCompass sponsorships to name a few. Your Account Team can provide a more personalized approach on how they can support your events and provide the opportunities for visibility your exhibitors and sponsors are looking for!


3. How can being on Flex streamline my virtual event experience?

With the Virtual Event features only available in Flex, you can add your virtual provider information directly into your events. This ensures all relevant information can easily be added into emails for seamless and simple communication with your attendees. You can also take advantage of live streaming videos through the Video widget. And even if your virtual event doesn't need a long and complicated registration process, you have the flexibility to create a 1-page registration to provide an efficient and modern registration experience for attendees.

There’s also the potential to leverage premium features only available in Flex, like Premium Feedback Surveys, Speaker Resource Center, or all-new solutions like the Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub, which all provide additional opportunities to communicate with and manage your attendees.


4. Virtual events are my priority right now. Why should I also try to look at new products?

At Cvent, we continue to iterate and expand on our products to ensure they’re the greatest in event management technology. This includes the pivot to virtual. Not only have we enhanced products for your pivot to virtual (like we’ve mentioned above, for example, new Flex releases to allow you to live stream video or enter your virtual event details), we’ve released the Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub to help.

When it comes to Flex registration and virtual events, you don’t have to look at them as two separate things. The Flex platform goes hand in hand with your virtual events thanks to key enhancements that will help you improve your attendee’s user experience, as well as simplify your internal processes and the management of virtual components.

These are just a few great examples of how new products can help you facilitate your virtual events, but we recommend connecting with your Cvent Account Team to understand the full scope of your Solution Evolution and how you should handle your move to virtual.

5. A feature I need is not available in the new product. What should I do?

Reach out to your Cvent Account Team to discuss the feature and see if there are other ways to accomplish your end goal. You can also sign up for alerts via the Community so you’re notified as soon as the feature becomes available. Even you’re awaiting a key feature release for your organization, you can still build event templates; once the new features are released, they will retroactively be available to enable across any of your existing Flex events.

Even with upcoming feature releases, our new solutions have many features that were not available in the legacy products so it may still be beneficial to adopt where you can! This includes our new virtual event features in Flex or even new Cvent solutions such as the Virtual Attendee Hub® (only available in Flex events).

6. I am not hosting events right now. What should I be doing?

Invest in yourself by taking Cvent training and certifications. Both are currently being offered for free and can help build your foundational knowledge. We have also created a new Virtual Events Training Course that will provide helpful information on the Virtual Event Landscape, as well as how to create your events in Flex within Cvent. If you don’t have any upcoming virtual events, you can always use this time to build templates in Flex for future events so when you’re ready to launch, they’re ready to go. Even if you don’t know when your next event date will be, you can copy this event template at any time, so it will only benefit you in the long run!


7. I do not have an event until later, why should I be doing this now versus next year?

If your events program is on pause until further notice, that likely means you have some additional free time you may not be used to. This is the perfect time to focus on implementing and adopting our newer solutions so you’re ready to hit the ground running when your events pick back up. While you may be pivoting to virtual events or focusing on future events, Cvent’s new solutions are designed to enhance your experience and simplify your workflows, so adoption of these features will be beneficial at every step of your process. Even if your events aren’t happening soon, it’s always good to be prepared in advance than wait until it’s crunch time.