Being Successful with Cvent

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Planning Events is Hard, but We're Here to Help

Everyone knows that event planning can be stressful. In fact, it's considered the sixth most stressful job. That's why we're to here to ease your stress and help you with your total event program.

Whether you are brand new to Cvent, need a refresher, or just a reminder of what resources are available to support your customer journey - this is the page to bookmark. We want to make it easy for you to navigate Cvent, get the most out of your Cvent products, and stay informed along the way.

Are You a New Cvent Customer?

Visit the Onboarding page to watch orientation videos and download your Cvent Onboarding Checklist.

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Steps to Maximize Your Success with Cvent


Visit the Cvent Community to find information, ask questions, and share ideas. Find the building blocks of account troubleshooting and support. Join a Community User Group that is dedicated to Cvent Beginners.

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Access your learning plan to complete your assigned training courses, visit Cvent Academy, and learn about Cvent Academy Certifications. Review general getting started articles as well as product specific getting started articles.

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Learn different ways to become involved at Cvent. There are many options available to you for product news, learning and development, engagement, advocacy and loyalty, events, and additional resources.

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