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Michael Rummage

Michael brings 18 years of event planning experience to Community, with a mix of Theatre (Production) and events work, and technical production of events. In the last 5 years he's been Senior Director of Events for Quility, a corporate insurance company, planning and executing large scale events and incentives all over the world.

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    Hi, everyone! I'm about a month into using Cvent and so far so good! My question is this: is there a way to see a history of edits done to an RFP? Thank ...

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    Hi Donald, Hope you are doing well! It is unexpected for the information to appear twice in the report. To address this issue, you can ...

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    Is there a way to see how many people visited a page? #Reporting #AttendeeHub ------------------------------ Adrienne Shearer Operations & Events Marketing ...

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    Hi Tori, Hope you are doing well! To include the HTML coding on your custom registration page, you must first have the code available. The 'Code Widget' ...

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    Hi Daniel, Thanks for reaching out! This should be possible using the Registrant Details report in your Event > Reports > Reports > Report Templates. ...