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Member Spotlight

Michael Rummage

Michael brings 18 years of event planning experience to Community, with a mix of Theatre (Production) and events work, and technical production of events. In the last 5 years he's been Senior Director of Events for Quility, a corporate insurance company, planning and executing large scale events and incentives all over the world.

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Recent activities

  • Discussion

    Hi Aguarin, Hope you are doing well! I checked the account # EPRICA001 and tested the recent event 'Climate READi Workstream 3 Workshop'. I observed ...

  • Discussion

    Hi Jamie, The ([E-MODIFY REG LINK]) data tag in the email will have them log in and then take them back to the confirmation page, where they would normally ...

  • Discussion

    How can I direct Attendees who registered–but did not book a hotel room through Passkey–to the Passkey hotel reservation portal, while keeping their Event ...

  • UTM sending to MAP


    Hi, Does anyone know when we can expect the release below, pushing UTMs to Marketo will save a lot of manual effort for us. Actionable Insights News ...

  • RE: Integration webhooks


    Hello, Thank you for your question! I would recommend reaching out to your Client Success Advisor and Account Manager to further discuss what comes ...