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Rebecca Yousif

Becky's journey from the travel industry to her current role as a Senior Administrator of Event Technology showcases her diverse experience in corporate travel, financial analysis, and customer account management. Her transition into event technology and strategic meetings management is a highlight of her adaptability and expertise.

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    Hi Karan, The first place I would check is under Registration>Registration Settings to see what registration deadline is set or if a capacity has been ...

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    This is a great tip; I use spacers a lot to make images smaller. Another tip is to increase the padding within the widget, which often shrinks the image ...

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    I wish I would have known the depth of details you have to turn on or select when setting up the gamification. Currently, I am at our event and the game ...

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    How can a planner check in his event why the event got closed for registration? ------------------------------ Karan Chopra SalesforceGenericAccountUnited ...