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Learn how to save time, collaborate with others, showcase your space, and bring events to life with Cvent Event Diagramming, Interactive Floorplans, and Photo-realistic 3D.

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Step 1: Go through the pre-requirements based on the product(s) you've purchased and be sure to share them with your onboarding specialist.

Cvent Event Diagramming: Floorplan File FAQs
Interactive Floorplans: Saving & Mapping Layouts
Photo-realistic 3D: Creating Rooms in 3D

Getting started

Step 2: Once your account is set up refer to these essential articles to know the basics of Cvent Event Diagramming.

Meet Event Diagramming 
Adding Event Diagramming Interactive Floorplans to your website
Creating a New Event in Event Diagramming
Viewing your diagram in 3D

Recommended training

Step 3: Advance with these resourceful Learning Plans that will help you get up to speed.

Getting started with Event Diagramming
Event Diagramming Templates
Diagramming and the Toolbar
Exporting and Collaborating

Popular topics

The Cvent Community is here to help you get the answers you need. Browse some of the most popular topics about the Cvent Event Diagramming or search the Knowledge Base for your specific question.

Adding your team members

Add/Remove/Update team members right from your Social Tables Home Page.

Exporting diagrams

Event Diagramming allows you to use different settings and export your diagrams to be able to print them later. You can also include objects placed outside of your floor plan.

Using favorites

Social Tables allows you to save an object or an arrangement of objects as a favorite that can be used repeatedly.

Floorplan Edits

You can easily illustrate your floorplans updates and share them with the team to get it implemented.

Sharing your event

You can share your diagrams and events with your clients and also choose the level of access that they have.

Saving Layouts

A time saving Social Tables feature that allows you to save frequently used diagrams for each floorplan.

Join the conversation

This is where event organizers and suppliers come together to engage in conversations around best practices when finding and managing event space.

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