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Enhance Event Planning with These Cvent Exchange Solutions

By Megan Burns posted 03-26-2024 09:00


You may be familiar with Cvent’s Event Management offerings, but did you know that we have a whole suite of Exchange solutions as well? Let’s dive into some of the features you have right at your fingertips!  

Not sure where you want to host your next event? With the Cvent Supplier Network , you can easily search for venues at your desired location. Once you found a few you like, send a single RFP to multiple venues, then compare bids side-by-side and negotiate and award those RFPs directly in the CSN. You can then report on all your RFP data in one place. 


The Cvent Vendor Marketplace is your one-stop shop for discovering all the best vendors for your next event. Select the services you need, browse trusted vendors, get quotes and compare them all in one place.  


With Event Diagramming, you can create scaled venue diagrams, and 3D photo-realistic layouts. Complete virtual 3D tours of venues to save time and money from site visits.  


Manage your room block process easier with Cvent Passkey. Attendees can book their room during event registration, and planners can get real-time reporting on the status of their room blocks. Reduce back and forth communications with hotels and eliminate the need for rooming list spreadsheets. You can either use the license from the hotel, or get your own to be used at hotels that may not have a license for you to use.  




The Cvent Client Success Team works closely with customers everyday who use these features. Let’s hear from some of them on recent successes they had with their customers!  

@Angelique Auriemma is a Senior Onboarding Specialist at Cvent. When she was on a post-event debrief with one of her clients, they mentioned how the venue for their event led to many issues and how it was a Pavilion Hub and not a true event venue. They received negative feedback from their attendees on the venue & the team themselves were also unhappy. Angelique started asking the client what their venue sourcing process looked like and who handled it. She was able to determine that another team was handling the process and hired an outside party most of the time to find venues for them. She then let them know they have access to the Cvent Supplier Network where they can expedite the process and utilize a tool they already have, rather than hire an outside party. The client is excited to begin navigating the tool & streamline their sourcing processes! 

@Stefani Sciametta is the lead of the Client Success team. Stefani joined a Passkey demonstration with the Account Manager and Exchange Solutions Direct Sales Rep for her customer. What was supposed to be a basic Passkey discussion, ended up being a strategic sourcing & travel conversation where her customer had a full revelation about what these tools could do for their organization. As an organization with older staff members and attendee demographics, they have struggled to capitalize on new technology that can help automate processes and save them money. Stefani and the Cvent team discussed the value behind leveraging the Cvent Supplier Network for strategic sourcing so they are ensuring the best rates at venues & hotels and explained how Passkey could give them ultimate control over room block availability. They even discussed how they could get money back from the venues & hotels by leveraging commissionable rates & rebates. At the end of the call, the customer realized they could potentially increase net revenue by leveraging commissionable rates/rebates by using Exchange Solutions, centralizing housing and travel data within Cvent to track cost and savings year over year, and acquiring and retaining younger members. 

@Emily Noack is a Lead Client Success Advisor at Cvent. The Cvent Vendor Marketplace was not available before her client's fully virtual flagship event last year; however, she mentioned how amazing the feedback that they received from attendees afterward. This was largely due to a partner we connected them with who is now part of the experiences and entertainment vendors category in the vendor marketplace. They provided entertainment in the midst of a virtual event to combat Zoom fatigue! Emily’s client raved about this company and was excited to see them already in our Cvent Vendor Marketplace. As clients, you can request to add vendors to the Cvent Supplier Network and Cvent Vendor Marketplace! 

Be sure to check out more information on the Cvent Exchange Solutions in the Cvent Community. Contact your Account Team if you want to use one of these features!