Community User Groups

Welcome to Community User Groups

These user groups will give you a place to connect and learn with industry professionals and Cvent users, just like you. These are customer driven groups that provide a collaborative space for networking, thought leadership, knowledge swapping, and maximizing Cvent usage. The user groups will give you the space to connect how you want to and on the topics that are most important to you. To request a new User Group, please click here to fill out a brief form.

Are you new to Cvent?

Whether you’re in onboarding and brand new to Cvent, or revisiting the platform for the first time in a while, this is the place for you. You’ll get helpful tips and tricks, knowledge sharing, the chance to connect with other users, and more.

Join the Cvent Beginners User Group

Are you attending Cvent hosted events?

Event Talks is the user group for you to continue the conversation from all of our Cvent hosted events. This gives you the access to ask follow up questions or to share any tips or tricks you may have learned during the events.

Join the Event Talks User Group

Are you in Higher Education?

If you work in higher education, you’ll definitely want to join this group. This group will provide you a place for connection with other users who are familiar with the industry, so you’re getting the best, most relevant, tips and tricks.

Join the Higher Education User Group

Are you in a Non-Profit Organization or Association?

For those who work in a non-profit organization or association, this group is for you. Our goal for this user group is to connect you with other Cvent users within your industry, to share best practices. ideas, solutions, and use cases.

Join the Non-Profit Organization or Association User Group

Are you a System Admin?

If you are involved with setting up backends and working on meeting workflows, this is the place for you. You’ll have the opportunity to share, the chance to connect with other users, the ability to pick up helpful tips and tricks, and more.

Join the System Admins User Group