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  • Hello System admins, are you an early adopter for the MRF decision tree. if yes, would you be willing to share any details you have received and how you are using. contact me at if you would like to connect. thanks, Mary ...

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    IPO in NEW Budget

    Does anyone have a good way to show IPO rooms in the budget, but NOT have it count for the full budget in reports? ------------------------------ Pamela Schroeder Consultant CWT US, LLCUnited States ------------------------------

  • Hi all! I'm looking at using Appointments for the first time and am looking for some best practices advice. I'm trying to set up an Office Hours type scenario where my staff can be available in a set location for blocks of time, and attendees can ...

  • Thank Rebecca, the data tag is what I needed as I couldn't find the code such as e-role> Thank so much. Mary Mary Vella Trent, CCMP Category Specialist, Meeting & Events Chevron ...

  • Hi Mary - In the body of your email, you could just include a data tag with whatever you want to include. You could include all roles assigned to that event - Data Tag = {[E-ROLES]} Or for just the sourcing managers - Data Tag = {[E-ROLE:Primary ...

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If you are involved with setting up backends and working on meeting workflows, this is the place for you. You’ll have the opportunity to share, the chance to connect with other users, the ability to pick up helpful tips and tricks, and more.

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