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  • Hi Hallie, Thanks for the reply, we've actually tried this but have not seen much traction so I am trying to see if there are other options out there I might not be considering. I appreciate your response, hope you have a great week ahead! ------------------------------ ...

  • Could you set up a custom link with the charitable organizations so that your attendees contribute directly to the organizations rather than your company collecting the funds? I did this with Red Cross and they gave us a unique link to provide our attendee ...

  • Hi Everyone, Here at IEEE we are interested in collecting donations for various foundations/organizations, however, we are struggling with the collection of funds. Since we can only link on merchant processor per event, we link the direct conference ...

  • Last month, we published our Top 5 Event Trends for Associations blog and we want to hear from you! What's your #1 event trend so far in 2023?? ------------------------------ Elizabeth Powell Industry Solutions Marketer Associations & Non-Profits ...

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    Evergreen Webinars

    Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share a little bit about employing Evergreen Webinars for sales and marketing teams, training and development, HR, and employee engagement. There are so many advantages for Evergreen Webinars and they might be the solution ...

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For those who work in a non-profit organization or association, this group is for you. Our goal for this user group is to connect you with other Cvent users within your industry, to share best practices. ideas, solutions, and use cases.

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