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  • Hi everyone! We officially have completed our first Product Learning Centers and are building more out now. What Product Learning Centers would you like to see next? ------------------------------ Megan Clark Assistant Team Lead, Online Community ...

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    Abstract payment

    Hi! We are a medical specialty professional non-profit and new users to CVENT. We will be using Abstracts to collect scientific research abstracts and we normally charge a small fee for submitting an abstract. This is not uncommon in our space, but ...

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    Cvent CONNECT Content

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to an amazing 2023! Here at Cvent we are preparing for Cvent CONNECT and we want your input. What specific content are you interested in for Non-Profit organizations or Associations? ------------------------------ Megan ...

About this Community User Group

Are you in a Non-Profit Organization or Association?

For those who work in a non-profit organization or association, this group is for you. Our goal for this user group is to connect you with other Cvent users within your industry, to share best practices. ideas, solutions, and use cases.

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Kristin Hoy
Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
State College, PA
United States