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  • Hi Megan, Thanks for reaching out! I also apologize for my late reply, but (like Jeremy) would love to hear more about how to handle guests, particularly for Cvent instances integrated with core databases (via APIs). We spend a lot of time manually ...

  • Hi Christine! Thanks for your response! It's certainly no later than some of mine have been this crazy semester. Ok, yes guest registration has been working well for us, until we get into Custom Contact fields--which is where our ID #s for engagement ...

  • Hi Jeremy, I know this many months late but I have been meaning to respond to your question about guest registrants. We use guest registration. Students are the invitee and they can add others (i.e. parents) as guests (not group registration). We don't ...

  • A big thank you to our hosts and Cvent team for bringing our Higher Education user group members together in this Fall themed office hours event. @Celine Ho , @Alissa Mirsky , @Emily Sullivan , @Greg Strong , @Kameron Kidd , @Kylie Ott , @Maggie ...

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  • Hi all! As you know, in higher education, attendees expect easy, integrated, and personalized experiences in this new era of meetings and events. When it comes to engaging with your university, students, alumni, donors, and other constituents ...

Higher Education User Group

If you work in higher education, you’ll definitely want to join this group. This group will provide you a place for connection with other users who are familiar with the industry, so you’re getting the best, most relevant, tips and tricks.

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