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  • Hi James, Thank you so much. ------------------------------ Megan Clark Assistant Team Lead, Online Community Marketing Cvent ------------------------------

  • The new updates to the site are looking great. Great job Cvent! ------------------------------ James Rose | Senior Web Developer and Platform/Product Manager Digital Infrastructure Office of University Development | University of Michigan --------- ...

  • Hi everyone! We officially have completed our first Product Learning Centers and are building more out now. What Product Learning Centers would you like to see next? ------------------------------ Megan Clark Assistant Team Lead, Online Community ...

  • Happy New Year! We have our own Onboarding Training Working Session for new Cvent users, we currently have approximately 100 account users. We will be creating a new training, Accessibility Best Practices in Site Designer, but I am curious how other ...

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    Happy New Year! Looking forward to an amazing 2023! Here at Cvent we are preparing for Cvent CONNECT and we want your input. What specific content are you interested in for Higher Education? ------------------------------ Megan Clark Assistant Team ...

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