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  • Hi There Hello from Ireland :) My team currently uses Cvent for Conference & Seminar registrations but we are now considering using it for our Conferrings and Ceremonies that take place throughout the year. Just wondering if anyone else in Higher Education ...

  • Good Morning Darlene, We use Cvent for every type of event ranging from board meetings, reunions, student send-offs, virtual faculty programs, social events, internal meetings, and our Forever Learning Institute (FLI)--which is an educational program ...

  • Hello Darlene, Just to piggyback on Heather's reply, we use Cvent event management for our development events, continuing education, homecoming, alumni reunions, in-person, hybrid, and seminars. Our user groups have started using the Attendee Hub and ...

  • Hi Darlene, We use Cvent for most everything that you have described - large conferences (multi-day, breakout sessions, etc.), event sponsorship, small meetings, educational seminars (in-person and hybrid), online course registration, software registration, ...

  • Hello! I would be interested to know about High Eds using Cvent for events outside of development/alumni relations. What types of events - any educational programs, CEU/credit tracking, format (in-person, webinar, blended or hybrid), etc.? Thx! ------------------------------ ...

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