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  • Hi Astrid, I can't say I've heard this exact scenario before; usually the widget is unavailable for the whole site (usually because pricing hasn't been activated.) The only thing that immediately comes to mind is did the widget accidentally get dropped ...

  • Hi there, I have set up 4 registration paths, but one of the paths does not have a payment page and it won't allow me to create a page. The registration action for "payment" is greyed out. How do I get a payment page added to this one path? ------------------------------ ...

  • I didn't see a way either. It's almost as if you need to make a session group include bundles. What about multiple admission items? Each admission item includes those sessions ithat would have been in the bundle? ------------------------------ Steven ...

  • Hi Beth, I guess a Cvent rep would need to chime in to confirm, but it doesn't look like it. I tried setting up some test bundles and applying an advanced rule, but it doesn't look like those work on bundles, just individual sessions. That might be a ...

  • Hi Angel, You probably already got an answer to this, but just in case... Under the Registration Process site designer, if you click on the gear icon on the left panel, there is a section where you can set the registration path to public. I've attached ...

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