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  • Hi MJV, Thank you for reaching out. You wrote: >>Aside, If you've used the custom styles, text formation, brand colors, etc.. using site designer on the registration summary page, these aesthetics won't appear in email designer. If you want to have ...

  • Hi Jack, I suggest using the standard widget - "Registration Information" for easily copying the invitee's registration information/responses that were displayed on the registration summary page into confirmation email. Aside, If you've used the custom ...

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    Welcome Notification!

    Hi Everyone :) I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction? We want to have a push notification welcoming users to the app; Like once the app is downloaded we would like to send a notification? how would I set something like this ...

  • You will have to redo the formatting in the email. You can't copy styles from web to email. ------------------------------ Isabelle Celentano Digital Outreach Specialist And Salesforce Administrator Seattle Cancer Care AllianceUnited States ------- ...

  • The issue is that method does not preserve custom formatting, which is what I need to preserve for the email. I hide headers and change text stylizations. Using the widget does only presents the system's generic lay out. How do I preserve my custom formatting? ...

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