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  • Thank you, Loretta! I am in the process of creating my own path. Our organization does things a little different when it comes to the products that we use. ------------------------------ Stephanie Kimbrough Conference Support Manager AK ConsultingUnited ...

  • Thank you! This is extremely helpful. ------------------------------ Stephanie Kimbrough Conference Support Manager AK ConsultingUnited States ------------------------------

  • Hi Richard, Are you looking at the app in the website test environment? I believe that's the only place you see that extended screen while it's loading the test environment. In real time, there is a quick moment (maybe one second) of blue screen (see ...

  • Hello Kristina, To share a Cvent Event Diagramming event, you can link an event using the public share link: . The section you'll want to review is under the ...

  • @Alex Huang I'm wondering the same. Cannot find it in the language management. ------------------------------ Etsuko Aoyama Conference & Event Technology Contractor Geodesic Capital ------------------------------

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