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  • Hi, all! I'm excited to share we are bringing back another Cvent Community contest! Our May contest was a hit and many of you won prizes so we thought what better way to wrap up 2021 than with a Cvent Community Contest 2.0 . This contest will include ...

  • Hi Cvent Community, I'm Andrea and I joined Cvent in early September as your new Community Manager. Just a little bit about myself – my background is in user groups where I've developed and lead community strategies for the past 9 years. I am thrilled ...

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  • Like Jayne says, Type Click here , highlight click here and click on the link icon. Then paste the url. ------------------------------ Steven Schlossman Jack of all trades. Master of none. BMW Car Club of America ------------------------------

  • Not sure what I'm doing wrong, I added it to the document library. Then I right clicked on "Copy Image address", is there another way to create a custom link? Wasn't real obvious to me. That only created a PDF image in my website, not the document. ...

  • I have an event where I work with the Audi and Mercedes Clubs that requires different branding and emails so I'll use different headers based on reg type. I figured the same could be done with pages. Summary page is just a name. :) The only thing is ...

  • Hi Steven and thank you so much, This is exactly what I was looking for. I just did not want to have to design multiple sites when the backend (hotel property, check in/out dates, flight, etc) info is the same. I just need to have separate branding and ...

  • Hi Linda and thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it! ------------------------------ Andy Frezza Planning Manager streamlinevents ------------------------------

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    RE: capacity

    Glad I could help! ------------------------------ Jayne Ferro Support Staff Specialist NYSUT ------------------------------

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