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  • We had a live session (via an rtmp stream) that played and recorded in the cvent video player. We downloaded and trimmed the recording to cut out walkin music and the outro. We now want to upload that as the on demand version. It appears the only way ...

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    Chat on VAH

    Hello, is anyone aware if you can download the session chat? I am sure it must be possible but unsure how to do it. Thanks #ReportingandInsights ------------------------------ DAanielle Blair Conference Logistics Coordinator Royal Institution of Chartered ...

  • That was simple. I now remember seeing that. :) Thank you. ------------------------------ Steven Schlossman Jack of all trades. Master of none. BMW Car Club of America ------------------------------

  • Happy Monday to all the lovely members! In this week's Huddle of the Week discussion, we want to talk about how recent trends have proven the industry's adaptability and resilience. We have been through so much during the pandemic together and have ...

  • Hi Ginger, We all just change our names to "DMA Events" so that they are aware the responder is part of the team. The exception is our business development folks - they prefer to use their name. I think that based on your question, I will ask them to ...

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    RE: Payments Credits

    Hi Steven, under the Credit Card options on the Payment page of your event, there is an option to use Payment Credits to credit automatic refunds. ------------------------------ Kim Scannell Librarian The Center: Resources for Teaching and Learning ...

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  • Hi Eva, As the planner if you do not have a list of exhibitors that will be coming you can allow them to register using an exhibitor registration type. Following this in their registration process you can create an optional item for them to purchase ...

  • Do you know of any additional flex event promotion ideas that you would want to share? While the Add to Calendar for emails is great - when it comes to using it for session data, it seems that you have to do a separate email for each session, as ...

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