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  • Hello, all! Happy Monday – let's start this week off on a great note! For our next Huddle of the Week discussion, we'd like to focus on accessibility in virtual events. This is likely something you've always focused on for event registration and your ...

  • Hello, and happy start to the week (and month of May)! We're kicking off the next Huddle of the Week discussion. As a community, we have discussed and seen many conversations surrounding health & safety protocol when it comes to returning to in-person ...

  • JOB TITLE – CRM Administrator TOPIC OF SHARE & TELL - Hosting our first Hybrid Event SPECIFIC EVENTS/INSTANCES – Annual Meeting 2021 TYPE OF EVENT/PLANNER SUPPORTED - Hybrid event (started as in-person and then we added the virtual component ...

  • How else are you using Cvent to enhance your marketing strategy? Event tracking and following who attends what and inviting them to like events. Hosting videos post event and documentation that leads back to discussions had. Out of the 5 options above, ...

  • how can I get the answers to questions asked in the registration process?? I don't see them as an option to add to the invitee report ------------------------------ Stephanie Garst Executive Director US Play Coalition ------------------------------

  • Making sure to use easily accessible platforms. We find a lot of our clients can't install software so we need easy to watch solution systems. Making the virtual events available on-demand post event so those who couldn't make it at a specific time can ...

  • What is your go-to push notification with any event app you've managed before? We use push notifications to alert to session start times, exhibit hall activities, sponsor announcements, and special events. If you've already used the Event App through ...

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    RE: Pop-UP Window

    Funny, I don't see those exact tabs either. I do see options under advanced search under Area but it is still not those options. ------------------------------ Jayne Ferro Support Staff Specialist NYSUT ------------------------------

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