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  • Hi, all! I'm excited to share we are bringing back another Cvent Community contest! Our May contest was a hit and many of you won prizes so we thought what better way to wrap up 2021 than with a Cvent Community Contest 2.0 . This contest will include ...

  • Hello, Community members! We have some exciting news to share – on November 18 we will be hosting our next Ask the Expert session here in the Open Forum! We will have 4 fantastic experts from Cvent’s Product Management & Client Services team here to answer ...

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  • Hi Cvent Community, I'm Andrea and I joined Cvent in early September as your new Community Manager. Just a little bit about myself – my background is in user groups where I've developed and lead community strategies for the past 9 years. I am thrilled ...

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  • Hello community members! For this edition of Tip of the Week , we're excited to decode a bit about the Community and in turn enhance your Community experience even more. Let's start by covering the Topic Tags in your Open Forum discussions. By the ...

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  • We use registration types to cover different compliance need through the registration process and to facilitate marketing campaign tracking using weblinks. ------------------------------ Maria Pedrosa EMEA Event Manager W.L. Gore & Associates ------ ...

  • When organizing Hybrid events one of the main motivation for people to join in person is to offer hands on experience, supported by the networking opportunities. For virtual to join the hands on content, we need to offer an streamed connection and allow ...

  • Is there a way to email a group of attendees who purchased an admission item? Thanks! #Flex-Creating/ManagingEvents ------------------------------ Chrislyn Woolston Events Coordinator White Coat Investor ------------------------------

  • Hi Patti, Did you ever find out the answer? From what I know you can't associate a session bundle to an admission item however you can associate the individual sessions to admission items. Then the rules of your session bundles should still apply. ...

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