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  • - Job Title: Meeting Planning Coordinator - Event Description: Live Event for Surgeons held in Las Vegas - Event Dates: October 2019 - Phase of Event Planning: During the event - Type of Event: Training/Conference - What Worked for You: 1) ...

  • Hi, all! We have entered the final week of the contest and we are excited so just buckle up your seat belts as we escalate to Level 3 of our first official Community Contest. Check out this post for full instructions and challenges to complete so far. ...

  • It usually comes to me the next day. :) Are any of the rates based on reg type? ------------------------------ Steven Schlossman Jack of all trades. Master of none. BMW Car Club of America ------------------------------

  • it's been awhile since I created a paid event with an early bird rate. I'm testing the site now, and it is showing the full (default) rate. How do I fix this? Thanks! #Flex-Creating/ManagingEvents ------------------------------ Marguerite Berry Event ...

  • Thank you Sarah! ------------------------------ Annie Gingrich Senior Manager, Corporate Events CHG Healthcare Services ------------------------------

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    RE: ZOOM Integration

    Susan, we have used the Attendee Hub for several events and I don't recall a buffering issue. We did find it was helpful with our hybrid event to allow a minute or two from a Livestreaming session to a pre-recorded to re-sync the server and vice versa. ...

  • Hello Jodi, As an event marketer, I am interested in the Attendee Hub and connectivity to social media platforms. Are you able to set up and schedule posts like a hootsuite or SEM Rush? Thanks, MJ ------------------------------ Marie Johnson Director, ...

  • I may not be following this, so forgive me. I have several registration types, with a few being for guests only. My attendee is MEMBER. Their guest is MEMBER-GUEST. I include the reg type widget on the guest registration information page and select ...

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