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  • If you're as eager as we are for our upcoming Quarterly Product Update webinar , let's kick off the conversation today! If you haven't already, register now to stay up-to-date on recent product enhancements and understand how they can support your ...

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  • - Job Title: Meeting Planning Coordinator - Event Description: Live Event for Surgeons held in Las Vegas - Event Dates: October 2019 - Phase of Event Planning: During the event - Type of Event: Training/Conference - What Worked for You: 1) ...

  • I have had the same issues and clearing the cache makes me sign back in again to Cvent, so you are not alone! ------------------------------ Mary Ann Hall Event Specialist Federal Reserve System ------------------------------

  • On Arrival is a gem of a tool; there is another tool that Cvent recently acquired (Social Tables) now called Cvent Diagramming and Seating. You can check attendees in and can assign seating (utilizing hotel space or your organization's space). After ...

  • What type of service providers listed are most crucial in executing your hybrid events? For hybrid events I would say Video production Are you looking for vendors outside of the above categories? If so, what type of vendors? I agree with Rachel; Vendors ...

  • If you go into your emails, use the event reminder email, click on the advanced search>scroll down to invitee status> change to no response> click search. That should produce the names that have not responded. click on the box to check all names and send ...

  • I seem to have read something recently regarding managing the time zones in flex. Managing Your Flex Event's Time Zone ( ------------------------------ Mary Ann Hall Event Specialist Federal Reserve System ------------------------------

  • When you say visible to all admins, do you mean within the organization or do you mean posted to all admins throughout Cvent: I have two thoughts after reading your post: 1. There are some companies (government) companies' information is confidential. ...

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