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  • Hello community members! For this edition of Tip of the Week , we're excited to decode a bit about the Community and in turn enhance your Community experience even more. Let's start by covering the Topic Tags in your Open Forum discussions. By the ...

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  • If anyone is registered as a quest, you will need to duplicate the email for them. ------------------------------ Steven Schlossman Jack of all trades. Master of none. BMW Car Club of America ------------------------------

  • We are moving forward with an in-person event in Philadelphia in June 2022. While this is not Cvent related per se, I know there are many knowledgeable and seasoned professionals in the forum so please bear with me. With the ever-changing direction ...

  • Thank you - I can create a session email since all attendees are registered for our plenaries. That's much easier than creating 5 versions of the same email over a period of 10+ days. ------------------------------ Rebecca Smith Communications Manager ...

  • Hi Johanna, You are able to import new speakers and update existing ones within your event. This would cut out the time of editing and adding on an individual basis. To do this you will go to the speakers section in your event > Click Import > Choose ...

  • OB TITLE – Corporate Events Manager EVENT DESCRIPTION – Over the last 18 years, Transplace's Shipper Symposium has become a symbol of educational excellence in the logistics industry. An audience of global executives are given the opportunity to ...

  • I had a similar issue with my exhibitors and had to contact my account management team. ------------------------------ Rebecca Quinn Corporate Events Manager Transplace Texas, LP ------------------------------

  • Share your top "tip" learned from the Customer Week trainings Love the info on the attendee hub and utilizing graphics to promote content Bonus: Show the new tip in action, whether that be a live event page in Attendee Hub, screenshot of a Flex ...

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