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  • Hello, Community members! We have some exciting news to share – on August 17 we will be hosting our next Ask the Expert session here in the Open Forum ! We will have 3 fantastic experts from Cvent's own Meetings & Events team here to answer all your ...

  • Hi there! Today's Tip of the Week is focused on ways to leverage the Supplier Network to your advantage and save time calculating meeting room capacities. My organization is thrilled to be a finalist for the Ace of Safe Spaces category of this year's ...

  • Hello everyone! I am excited to share the next edition of Tip of the Week focusing on ways to streamline your SMM program. My organization is honored to be a finalist for the SMMP Sensation category of this year's Excellence Awards at Cvent CONNECT. ...

  • Hi John, Thank you! ------------------------------ Catrina Akers Specialist Technology and Standards at Consumer Electronics Association Consumer Technology Association ------------------------------

  • My sessions and speakers were imported from Cvent but they are not in chrono order (sessions) or alpha (speakers) Any tips and tricks? Thanks very much for any insight. #EventApp-Building/managing ------------------------------ Marguerite Berry Event ...

  • @Bryce Ziemer " My biggest question about Cvent connect or hybrid events as a whole is: What are ways to best keep hybrid participants who are participating from home involved? What are good strategies that keep both live and streaming audiences engaged ...

  • I am curious, if we are not using Cvent's attendee hub for the virtual portion of our event, is there any reason to turn on the "hybrid" conference setting when configuring the event? ------------------------------ Krysten Bennett Communications & Technology ...

  • Hi Jodi, Currently, we're still in the adaptation phase with CVent Flex. We're running into issues with our Rather Large Gala Awards and multi-quantity items such as Sponsorships, Multiple Table Purchase, Ad Sales etc. Basically multi-faceted events. ...

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