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  • Hello, Cvent Community! My name is Jo Anna Chapin and this week I will be posting the official edition of Tip of the Week . You can be on the look out for additional tips coming from fellow Cvent users in the coming weeks, as well. If you have an idea ...

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  • Edit: This Ask the Expert session is now closed. Hello, Cvent Community! McNeel Keenan, Vice President of Product Management, here. I lead the team bringing you our new end-to-end virtual solution, the Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub® . My team and I ...

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  • Hello. We are trying to get to a place where we can use CVent's new Virtual Hub, but we absolutely cannot do with out the ability to have Attendee Messaging. I know this is on the near roadmap, but in the mean time I have been asked to present a creative ...

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    RE: Summary Link

    Hi Louisa, Happy Friday! You are able to customize the event summary link by adding a private domain or custom URL to your Cvent agreement. Here is a great article outlining all of the features that come with the Cvent Branding Package. Be sure to ...

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    Summary Link

    Is there a way to customize the event summary link? #Classic-Creating/ManagingEvents ------------------------------ Louisa Gorton Corporate Meetings Manager RE/MAX, LLC World Headquarters ------------------------------

  • Hi, Community members! Our teams are busy planning future programs, and we want to hear from you to help us build out relevant programming and content. We also know there is lots to learn from you in the field (safely distanced from others) on how you ...

  • We did the same thing as Beline for a similar use - we created a button and put the tag inside the button. Works like a charm! ------------------------------ Lori Wildman Senior Marketing Manager DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc. --------------- ...

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    RE: On demand events

    Thank you for the many helpful suggestions. I have made sure the link is only available in the confirmation email. What I'm really trying to figure out is do I need to copy the event site, so that I can update the fact that it's on-demand, versus the ...

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