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  • The Cvent Community is a space curated for and by your peers who use the Cvent platform. There are so many learners in this community that we think it's important to create a space for you to share a little more about who you are and all the cool things ...

  • Hello Siddharth I've completed all of the e- trainings in Cvent academy. To clarify the live webinars is like a class with an instructor online, and can watch in my own time? I'm just a visual learner who needs to hear and have a walk-through ...

  • Hey Alexis, Thanks for reaching out. Please find below the responses to your respective queries :- 1. D ue to the integrity of the exam and outlined in our terms and conditions, we are unable to share which questions were answered incorrectly. 2&3. ...

  • Hi Cassandre, The chart on this page may help. ------------------------------ Jill Campbell Cvent Specialist Chubb INA Holdings IncUnited ...

  • -How do you add wellness elements to in-person and virtual events: I am a Sales Manager for a CVB and work mostly with third-parties like HelmsBriscoe, Maritz, and Conference Direct. Recently, I have seen groups ask for nontraditional meeting space like ...

  • When using Add to Calendar, is there a way to select an Admission Item instead of either the Event or the Session? I have an event where they can choose either the in-person admin item happening one week or the online admin item happening another. Currently ...

  • Great info! Data tags are very useful when communicating with registered attendees, makes it easy to craft communications. ------------------------------ Bouran Qaddumi Sr. Manager, Training Church's Chicken ------------------------------

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Daniel. I've posted the message in that forum. ------------------------------ Susan Haymore Business Systems Analyst University of DenverUnited States ------------------------------

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