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  • Hi everyone, Are you attending Cvent CONNECT? Who would like to meet up virtually before we head out to CONNECT so that we can meet some familiar faces once we are in San Antonio? Just like in 2023, we are looking to help you find buddies to hang out ...

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  • Have you ever attended Cvent CONNECT in person? Yes If yes, share your best tip with other users to make their CONNECT experience even better! Be prepared to have lots of fun :) ------------------------------ Kayla Sisco Event Experience Manager ...

  • Hi Benjamin, Custom Cards in the Attendee Hub don't have the option of not having an image, whether you upload one or the system chooses a default one for you, that image space is hardcoded as of right now. You can look at creating a Quick Link, as ...

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    Hello everyone! I would like to receive assistance with the following issue: I would like to calculate the time that users spend in the app, whether they are searching for information about speaker sessions or general information. Where can I find this ...

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    RE: Widget background

    I already changed that to white Tasha Sanchez Training Coordinator Honeywell | Connected Enterprise – Life Sciences |

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    RE: Widget background

    I think that is the section background. Section > Customize > widget >background ------------------------------ Hallie Loeb Event Operations CDW United States ------------------------------

  • That may be true if you're using the mobile app, but not if you're using Cvent registration. Are you using OnArrival for check-in onsite? That might be a consideration you can work around. ------------------------------ Hallie Loeb Event Operations ...

  • Hi, I am getting ready to launch our first Cvent registration. This is for an international conference. As I understand it, if we collect mobile numbers using the Cvent mobile # field, then participants will automatically get login verification codes ...

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