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  • What is your best cvent hack? For me it is feedback questions and the badge wizard. I'll save the badge wizard hack for another day. :) We are a car club. Every registration gets a number beginning from 1 on their name badge. Low numbers tend to be ...

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  • Do you celebrate the end of the event? For us, our 3-person 'A' team celebrate with several toasts. Well, maybe more than just several. :) We have more than 3 people involved, but we have a little team all to our own. And what fuels, your event? Ours ...

  • Sorry, but the agenda data tag is just not good enough to print on a badge. We still use registration packets and print the person's agenda. If I was looking into printed agendas at check in, I'd probably create a letter sized badge template. The current ...

  • Thanks for this recommendation, Danni. I ended up using Registration Types as I needed to get the invitations out (first event is happening Nov 4th). Is there a good tutorial on Sessions that you can recommend? I definitely would like to see how to use ...

  • Hi! I am hoping someone may have a suggestion for a work-around in Flex for creating a sub-question for a sub-question. Currently this functionality is not available in Flex. Thank you in advance! #Flex-Creating/ManagingEvents ------------------------------ ...

  • I am exploring the use of Cvent Payment Services and looking for feedback from current users, particularly if you previously used PayFlow Pro merchant accounts on Cvent payment gateways.  Any insight on transaction processing and settlement timelines, ...

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