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  • Hi @Vivek Anand , Wondering if the following is now supported? I'd like to pass payment amounts into web visit analytics so I can have two different conversion rates. One for free folks and one for paid folks in the same event. {[C-MY ADMISSION ...

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    RE: Hotel Reservations

    Just realized I was responding to the wrong question. For our biggest event wherein we have about 300 members, we have all our attendees register themselves with the hotel. For our smaller events that have 25-35 people, including our staff, we handle ...

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    RE: Hotel Reservations

    We have always handled staff room night bookings ourselves. Our staff point person for the hotel does this for all staff. We survey staff well in advance about their checkin/checkout dates and whether they want to stay during shoulder dates. We feel ...

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    Hotel Reservations

    Hi Cvent Community, This is a really general question, and I realize that in-person hasn't really been happening in these last two years; but, for those of you that handle housing blocks for conferences where attendees are not your staff but members, ...

  • I agree, definitely reach out to Cvent support. But I've had people say that if they don't have recent updates, sometimes websites don't load properly. (I'm an android user) Is it a test or a live event? Not sure if that would make a difference. ------------------------------ ...

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    RE: Cvent Academy

    Hi Angie - To find your Assigned Learning Path, click on the question mark (Help & Community) at the top right hand corner of any Cvent screen and click on Help and Support. Once the Knowledge Base opens up, you will see Menu Topics at the top of the ...

  • Hi Tiffany, It is my understanding that they create (when the first log into the page) and manage their passwords themselves. If they don't remember it, they can click on "Forgot password" to reset it. ------------------------------ Jill Campbell Cvent ...

  • Great tips! This is a great topic for hotels! Leverage the great reviews and learn from the not so great reviews! ------------------------------ Colleen Beck Director of Sales & Marketing The Westin Tampa Bay ------------------------------

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