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  • We are excited to collaborate with Cvent's Customer Success Group Workshop Series which will kick off on July 14th . This series will offer different virtual workshop sessions relevant to the event types you are managing trade shows, small events, and ...

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  • Why would the Booth Staff Report include staff with cancelled registration? This makes absolutely no sense. VERY frustrating. #Flex-Creating/ManagingEvents ------------------------------ Amanda Healy Registration and Events Coordinator LMC ------- ...

  • When I do that, not all columns are available as options to group. Why are some columns missing? ------------------------------ Amanda Healy Registration and Events Coordinator LMC ------------------------------

  • We hope you have registered and are as excited as we are for the Customer Success Group series!  😊 During the live session, you will be divided into virtual breakout rooms to connect in smaller groups and discuss a mock planning checklist for pivoting ...

  • Hi Gerri-Ann! I've been there too. I wish there was a way to set up a planner alert. My work around was to receive registration notifications when people register. Which depending on the size of your event could mean A LOT of unwanted emails. In my case ...

  • Hi Hallie, Thanks for your feedback! I would suggest adding this as an idea in the Ideation section of Community, as our Product Team continues to make improvements to our platform to support virtual programs. Let me know if you have any questions! ...

  • Hello, Cvent users! Are you all registered and are getting excited for the Customer Success Group series kicking off next week? During the live session, you will be divided into virtual breakout rooms to connect in smaller groups and discuss a mock ...

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    RE: Guest Limits

    Hi Jennifer, As of right now, this limit cannot be increased however our product team is always making improvements to the system so it doesn't mean it won't be increased in the future. I would recommend posting this as feedback within the "Ideas" tab ...

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