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  • Welcome to the New Cvent Community – I am excited you are here! The Cvent Community is a space curated for and by your peers who use the Cvent platform. Online communities thrive when likeminded users connect, help, and learn from each other. So, jump ...

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  • Thank you everyone for your replies and discussion. I do know how to set up discount codes. I would like to know which "field" sub section in REPORTS do I click down to have the discount name appear in my custom reports. Thank you Lee-Ann ...

  • There are training workshops/success groups in Charlotte NC and Atlanta GA. I'm in the middle of those two cities. Anyone in Greenville, SC want to exchange ideas in person? #Miscellaneous ------------------------------ Steven Schlossman Jack of all ...

  • It's been more than 2 weeks, but I agree with @ samantha  heffernan . Exporting and merge if you are not using QR codes works. But that adds multiple steps. And when onsite you want to get things printed quickly. The other option is to use one of ...

  • under the "Create Discount" Page you can give it a name and tag. Then, when exporting a report, you can select whatever that name is to be included. ------------------------------ Kim Schechter Program and Administrative Manager Executive Director Inc. ...

  • You can use the question code field as a custom tag ------------------------------ Kim Schechter Program and Administrative Manager Executive Director Inc. ------------------------------

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