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  • Hi everyone, Are you attending Cvent CONNECT? Who would like to meet up virtually before we head out to CONNECT so that we can meet some familiar faces once we are in San Antonio? Just like in 2023, we are looking to help you find buddies to hang out ...

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    Widget background

    How do you change the black background to white in Site Designer? I already changed the theme background to white but it didn't change all of the Widget background #Registration ------------------------------ Tasha Sanchez Training Coordinator ...

  • Have you ever attended Cvent CONNECT in person? Yes! A few times! If yes, share your best tip with other users to make their CONNECT experience even better! If you are a laptop note taker like I am, bring a power block (or two) in case you need to ...

  • Pick a topic or feature/functionality you don't currently engage with and attend that session or feature flash demo. You never know what aspects of another module may open ideas for expanding or refining your current usage of the platform's breadth and ...

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    RE: Meeting Request Form Approvals

    Hi Paul, To learn more about the functionality of the Access Portal and how to set it up, I recommend checking out the Access Portal Learning Center . There, you can find guides and articles that provide step-by-step instructions and help you understand ...

  • Is there any way to include a link to the Attendees List Widget in emails sent to registered attendees? I see that I can put it on the website, but I don't want it displayed publicly. Also, I can add it to the post-registration, but that doesn't help ...

  • I have attended in person. The comfortable shoes thing is a MUST. I also found packing a snack is helpful cause you're on your feet all day and sometimes you just need a good snack. Not sure if you'll have it this year but if theres random networking ...

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  • Hi Jill, Scheduling Your Reports walks you through how to schedule reports but this is only for you/your username to receive email notifications whenever a scheduled report has run and is ready to review. It will not be sent to other users. If you ...

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