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  • Hi All, I really WANT to utilize the Shoulder Dates functionality in the Events tool, but today Cvent Support confirmed that it's an "all or nothing" type of approval. For example, my program dates are March 23-25 and I've built in shoulder dates for ...

  • Which Cvent's event technology do you think has brought a revolution in the industry? The on demand badge printing with real time editing has been a big game changer for us. Share some trends in event technology that you feel have led to the industry's ...

  • We always include information about the company's COVID policies, including links to any documentation. ------------------------------ Kelly Port Sr. Technology Project Manager Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc. ------------------------------

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    FAQs for your events

    Hello everyone, We are planning to add a FAQ page to our conferences this year. In the past, we sent a "know before you go" email to our attendees. This would be similar, but more geared to pre-registration. I would love to know what you put on your ...

  • Anyone have a solution for event site not loading on mobile phones (apple)? #Flex-Creating/ManagingEvents ------------------------------ Stephanie Dernek Director of Events Association of Dental Support Organizations (ADSO) ----------------------- ...

  • We had a live session (via an rtmp stream) that played and recorded in the cvent video player. We downloaded and trimmed the recording to cut out walkin music and the outro. We now want to upload that as the on demand version. It appears the only way ...

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    Chat on VAH

    Hello, is anyone aware if you can download the session chat? I am sure it must be possible but unsure how to do it. Thanks #ReportingandInsights ------------------------------ DAanielle Blair Conference Logistics Coordinator Royal Institution of Chartered ...

  • That was simple. I now remember seeing that. :) Thank you. ------------------------------ Steven Schlossman Jack of all trades. Master of none. BMW Car Club of America ------------------------------

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