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    Cvent Academy

    Hello, I'm new to Cvent and got an email that I'm required to complete a training program, but can't find it. It says to access it under My ASsigned Learning Plans. Can anyone help or show a screenshot of where they found it? Thanks. #Miscellaneous ...

  • What are your top productivity tips while planning events? Transform my checklist in task templates to be added to events What changes do you plan to make in 2022 to your event management process? Simply and automate communication out of cvent How ...

  • Which Cvent's event technology do you think has brought a revolution in the industry? For me the different integrations with other systems is a great added value. On Arrival and touch less badgeting is also a way of making events more sustainable and ...

  • Can anyone share how to create or/and manage passwords for Access Portal users? #Miscellaneous ------------------------------ Tiffany Robinson Conference Planning Coordinator II Pacific Life Insurance Company ------------------------------

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    RE: Website Visits

    I believe you would need to have Google Analytics on your page: What we do is use to generate ...

  • I have not seen extreme delays but I do see short delays. My delays look like they are due to the system needing to send the email to one recipient at a time. With our list of over 2,000 recipients, both internal and external, it can take 10-30 minutes ...

  • Over the years we've seen them certainly but I'm not as intimate as I used to be with the email reporting currently. Here are random thoughts when I've tried to troubleshoot... Trying to nail that down a cause is full of variables both with CVENT, ...

  • Which Cvent's event technology do you think has brought a revolution in the industry? Partnering with is a great addition to the tool to continue to provide options to get events back in person. Share some trends in event technology that ...

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