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  • Thank you for the information. Megan Shaner Creative Asset Specialist Creative Asset Management Services AVI-SPL On-Site at Dow Sylvia Stoesser Center, 1762, H.H. Dow Way | Midland, MI 48674 Email: ...

  • Hi Megan - You'll want to check with your Cvent System Administrator for your account to see if they can give you access or provide you with the file. Access to the Media/Document Libraries is typically restricted by the user role that you have. ...

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    DKIM Request Form

    How long does it typically take to close out a DKIM request once it has been submitted to Cvent? #Registration #ManagingEvents ------------------------------ Julie Longmire Director of Product Marketing Cowbell Cyber, Inc.United States -------- ...

  • Is there a way to access the Cvent folder to pull out a piece of artwork so that I can attach it to an email to send to someone? #EventApp ------------------------------ Megan Shaner The Dow Chemical CompanyUnited States ------------------------- ...

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    RE: Cvent CONNECT 2024 Recap

    What is your favorite memory from Cvent CONNECT? Listening to Karamo! "Hey Neighbor!" Speaking during a session - it gave me behind the scenes insights into how CONNECT content is developed and how the Cvent team works with speakers. Plus I made ...

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    RE: Cvent CONNECT 2024 Recap

    What is your favorite memory from Cvent CONNECT? Meeting Megan Clark, Daniella Ellison in person and spending time with Brian Ludwig What is one thing you learned from Cvent CONNECT? Learning how to implement MRFs into our event process ...

  • Does anyone know whether this feedback has been noted and Cvent have made any improvement / accessibility to change the 'green'? ------------------------------ Kelley Walker Project Director The Turner AgencyUnited Kingdom ------------------------- ...

  • Hey Beline, I hope you are doing well! All the recorded sessions are available on demand on the Attendee hub. You can sign in and watch them ------------------------------ Megha Jetley [Designation] Manager, Customer Marketing Cvent Marketing Department ...

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