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  • Is anyone using the container widget in the site designer? I noticed that widgets in the container widget align on top whereas those in columns spread out vertically. Besides this, what other benefits are there? If anyone is using the container widgets ...

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    Post Event Emails - Not sending

    This same thing happened to me last year - scheduled an email to send post event and it did NOT go out. How can i get help on this? #ManagingEvents ------------------------------ Lori Kimbrough Executive Assistant To The Founder And Chief Executive ...

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    New System

    Morning, Has anyone filled out the form for the Payment switch to Stripe? How are public corporations completing the form? Form requires someone's SS # for fraud prevention purposes. The purpose of the collection is to verify the identity of the ...

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    RE: Survey Participation

    Hi Harmony we recently used session surveys for the first time and we didn't find it a smooth as we'd hoped as deleghates could see all the session surveys even if they could not access them. I agree that a pop up or similar rather than a notification ...

  • Hi Natalia, This functionality does not currently exist within Attendee Hub, but I definitely recommend upvoting this idea on the Product Ideas page that was submitted by another Cvent user: Using Seating feature in Event App As a potential workaround, ...

  • Hi, Does anyone have experience with integrating the seating function with the attendee hub? I'd like to display the attendees' table assignment in the mobile app so they could check where they are seated in real time, but not sure if anyone has tried ...

  • I have been frustrated with reports because I can't get all of the fields that I need. If I go into the event itself, none of the templates have what I need, so I have to search for and add many fields every time. I have created a cross event report ...

  • This is a great wealth of information! ------------------------------ Lori Wildman Marketing Director DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.United States ------------------------------

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