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  • TOPIC: Access Portal Pages and Unique Reports Continuing the " Tip of the Week " conversations about Access Portals that were share by Béline Falzon ( Setting up your Access Portal ) and Loretta Peterson ( New Reports Tips & Tricks ) , I thought ...

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  • Hi, all! We hope you had a nice weekend and are looking forward to a great week. We're here to kick off our next Huddle of the Week discussion. We have heard from several community members that while you are working through the health & safety protocols ...

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  • JOB TITLE – Event Specialist EVENT DESCRIPTION – Virtual EVENT DATES - Monthly PHASE OF EVENT PLANNING: (Event/Web Build, During Event, Post-Event) - Web Build TYPE OF EVENT - Social/ Economics WHAT WORKED FOR YOU (DO'S ...

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  • Big thanks to Mary All Hall for this Do's and Dont's! Marketing plays a BIG PART in changing the paradigm from an in person event to a virtually attended one, and also for informing the in-person attendees aware of the rules for attending in-person. ...

  • Thanks, Michele! Shared with my team. We are finishing up our new Access Portal. Love your out of the box solutions. ------------------------------ Loretta Peterson Events Associate CDW ------------------------------

  • I'm planning a similar hybrid event. I plan to set up one Cvent event, with different admission items for virtual attendees vs. in-person attendees. I think will associate the different sessions with the different admission items, so the in-person people ...

  • We are almost thankfully not returning to in person events until at least October and even then it'll be through third party events (we sponsor some marathons and as of now the 3 majors, NY, Chicago and Boston are still on) but we're really struggling ...

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  • Curious with the continued escalation rules of GDPR as well as overall HIPAA/Medical rules in the U.S. at least, are you finding any push back or concern over asking or requiring questions like 'are you vaccinated'? or 'have you ever had covid' ? ------------------------------ ...

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