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  • Hello  Cvent  Community! We are excited to announce our upcoming Ask the Expert sessions featuring several incredible 2020 Excellence Awards finalists . The Cvent Excellence Awards celebrate customers who are driving innovation in the meetings, ...

  • Hello, Cvent users! Are you all registered and are getting excited for the Customer Success Group series kicking off next week? During the live session, you will be divided into virtual breakout rooms to connect in smaller groups and discuss a mock ...

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    Virtual Room Size

    Good Day to All, How are event organizers managing their virtual room size limits?  With our live conference we could put about 50 people in a room.  Now that we have gone virtual we can manage more, but are there any ideas on how to control the access ...

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    Hi all, Does anyone have a suggestion or workaround for the change that was made earlier this year to the login page of Crowd Compass?  In the past if someone registered and forwarded the Crowd Compass event url to a colleague who wasn't registered but ...

  • Our organization is hosting almost exclusively virtual meetings now. We are receiving lots of requests for our events team to plan and execute these digital events and would like a better way to keep track of them. Is it possible to create a meeting request ...

  • Cvent Community - Check out the latest #CventSupplierNetwork product update!

  • Thank you to everyone for your great feedback. ------------------------------ Jayne Ferro Support Staff Specialist NYSUT ------------------------------

  • Hi Natalia, I don't see a way to accomplish this natively but you could organize it yourself. For instance, you could drag a 3 or 4 column section into your site, then drag an image widget and a text widget under it for each speaker along with a text ...

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