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  • What is your best cvent hack? For me it is feedback questions and the badge wizard. I'll save the badge wizard hack for another day. :) We are a car club. Every registration gets a number beginning from 1 on their name badge. Low numbers tend to be ...

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  • Thank you Lori, Our dev team hasn't had any issue getting information out of Cvent. The issue is with DART itself and trying to get to map properly and I was wondering if any of the higher ed schools have successfully integrated. ------------------------------ ...

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    Hi Michaela,  You can take a look at an article from the Community called Using Custom Event Fields  which may have some helpful information on customizing your Custom Fields. I would also recommend reaching out to our Customer Care Team at 866.318.4357, ...

  • Hi Dwayne,  You can request this change by contacting our Customer Care team at 866.328.4357, option 1 for Event.  Best,  Cailey ------------------------------ Cailey Lewis Client Success Advisor, Event Management Cvent --------------------------- ...

  • Hi Mary,  This is a great question! I would recommend taking a look at the Cvent Supplier Network when you can search for venues by location and filter for different requirements you may have. You can access the Supplier Network in your Cvent account ...

  • Hi Jillian, Thanks for the reply! Are you able to provide a little more detail on how you filter within that one property per event brand? Best, Evan ------------------------------ Evan Ring Marketing Manager Dow Jones & Co., Inc ----------------- ...

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