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  • Hello, We have a new event in March that will be our second time using CVent. We have several Invitation lists that the titles carried over to the new event from last years, but the lists are empty. How can we pull the data over from the first event ...

  • In the classic event, I could have a set number of free booth personnel based on sponsorship level. If they wanted to add more booth personnel the registration would add one at a set cost and their invoice would reflect the cost of their sponsorship ...

  • Hi Heather, Yes the invite is coming from Cvent. I added all 4 registration links into one invitation. I haven't tried it using an outside email but will test it. I did copy the link and paste into a new browser instead of clicking directly on the register ...

  • I'm not sure if I can see Cvent incorporating this unless they can figure out a way to charge you another transaction fee for the transfer. Otherwise, implementing this will cause them to lose revenue (in transactions). I, on the other hand, am all for ...

  • Following. ------------------------------ Jill Campbell Cvent Specialist Chubb INA Holdings Inc ------------------------------

  • What are some of your key focus areas to get sponsors on board for your hybrid event? Content that is relevant to the growth of the business and is related to our sponsors; for example, how certain sponsors may tie in to certain company initiatives ...

  • Are you sending the invite from Cvent? And from one of the four events? If yes, I wonder if Cvent drops a cookie on the end user that "links" (sorry for the terminology) the invite to only the one reg site - so essentially it doesn't think the user ...

  • Is there anyway to customize the colors on the "View Profile" modal on the Speakers widget? #Flex-Creating/ManagingEvents ------------------------------ Erica Melton RedSail Technologies LLC ------------------------------

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