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  • Just asking the important questions. #Miscellaneous ------------------------------ Richard Carls Senior Web Developer Citibank, N.A. ------------------------------

  • What is your best cvent hack? For me it is feedback questions and the badge wizard. I'll save the badge wizard hack for another day. :) We are a car club. Every registration gets a number beginning from 1 on their name badge. Low numbers tend to be ...

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  • This makes sense.  I was wondering if that would be the best way to do this.  I wanted to get opinions before I contacted the client to tell them their site would look different from the sample site we send out. Many, many thanks! ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Sharon, When I've had that situation, I used the default summary page as a general Welcome page to communicate general event information.  I created webpages for each registration type and limited the visibility to each reg type by clicking on the ...

  • Thanks James!  That's very helpful. ------------------------------ Kim Abbott Staff Assistant North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation ------------------------------

  • Hello @Kim Abbott , The easiest way to achieve the outcome you are looking for is put both sessions into a session group. When in the site designer and place the session widget onto a page by default, the session setting is set to not " Allow registrants ...

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  • We're using flex for our events.  Is there a way to prevent an attendee from choosing more than 1 session?  We have two training sessions.  They are the same and we just need attendees to choose between the two, but I would like to prevent them from choosing ...

  • Title says it all. I've moved to Flex on some of my simple registrations. I still can't still report G/L codes even though the field is there. We will have multiple registrations with several G/L codes that I need to report on. Idea submitted here ...

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