Welcome to the Cvent Community

Welcome to Cvent Community!

A place to learn, ask, and succeed

The Cvent Community is a place to discuss best practices, gain new skills, and learn from other Cvent users to help you thrive in the event and hospitality industries.

To help you navigate through the community, below are a few tips on how to get started. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the community, we are all here to help!

Set up your account

Complete the rest of your profile

Before you start connecting with the community, tell everyone a little more about yourself. You can add a brief bio, your industry, the Cvent products you're interested in, industry certifications, social accounts, and more.

Complete your profile
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Upload a headshot

To upload your profile picture,  go to your profile > Select 'Actions' below your empty profile picture > Choose 'Change Picture' > Select and upload your headshot and save it to your profile.

Upload your headshot
Blog: Refreshing Your Headshot and Bio in Cvent Community

Subscribe to topics that interest you

Get personalized content recommendations and custom notifications sent right to your inbox by telling us more about your interests.

Subscribe to the Open Forum

Subscribing to the Open Forum is the best way to stay up to date with the discussions that are relevant to you.

Go to the Open Forum > Settings > Manage Notifications. Scroll to 'Topic Notifications' and pick real-time or personalized digest (most people pick personalized).

Add your interests

To add more topics to your personalized digest, you can add them in the 'Stated Interests' area of your profile, directly below the Topic Notifications that you would like to be included in your personalized digest.

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Manage notifications

Jump into discussions

Post your first discussion

Search for your keywords

Get answers faster by searching the Open Forum to see if someone has already posted a similar question.

Start your post with your goal

Start your question with the overall goal you're trying to achieve. If you ask a specific question without stating what your end goal is, you might miss out on some creative ways to solve your problem.

Give context

You'll receive more helpful responses if you provide specific details about your question. Tell us a little bit about your role, industry, event size, and any other relevant details.

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Visit discussions

Engage in weekly topics

Jump into the Open Forum for fresh weekly opportunities to hear from the industry and share your experiences.

Huddle of the week

Posted every Monday by the Cvent Community team, you can discuss industry best practices and current topics with your peers.

Join the conversation

Poll of the week

Vote on the poll of the week on the Open Forum homepage every Wednesday. Weigh in on relevant industry topics, Cvent product feedback, and more.

Vote now

Tip of the week

Get tips about new features, products, and best practices by Cvent experts every Wednesday. You can also jump into the discussion to share your own tips for other community members.

Learn more

Follow posts

You can follow posts that interest you and receive real-time updates. To do this, go to discussion post and select the star in the right-hand corner that says "follow".

You'll automatically follow any discussions you create or respond to, so you only need to follow posts you haven't contributed to.

Mark a helpful reply as the Best Answer

If you received a great response on your discussion post, you should mark it as Best Answer. This helps other users quickly find the top response and gives credit to the person who posted it. To mark a reply as the best answer, select the down arrow beside the reply button of the response and select “Make Best Answer.”  

You can also add a Like to any article, post, or reply by clicking the “Like” button above the reply button. 

Submit product ideas

Help us better serve you by submitting and voting on fresh product ideas and enhancements.

Search for your idea

Use the search and the filtering options to first see if someone else already posted your idea.

Add an idea

When you submit an idea, include how the product's current state affects you as a user and provide a suggestion for how the process should work in the future. Post your idea and we'll keep you updated on where the idea is in our roadmap.

Upvote and comment

You can upvote ideas submitted by other community members. The more upvotes an idea has, the more likely it will get added to the product roadmap.

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Share your ideas

Earn community badges

How to earn badges

There are 3 levels of badges: Getting Started, Getting Out There, and Expert. Each action you take in the Community, such as subscribing, adding a headshot, or posting a discussion, will contribute to your activity and earn you badges.

View your badges

Check out your progress and see what else you can earn by clicking on My Contributions > Achievements in your profile.

Extra contributions

Inspire others in the community by sharing your story, being a featured poster, or being a top discussion contributor.

Learn more about community badges

Meet the team

Daniel Marotta photo

Daniel Marotta

Daniel enjoys supporting customers wherever they may be in their journey and making sure they receive the care, the answers, and the resources, they need and deserve to be successful within their roles and company. He expects to learn from Cvent Community, deliver exceptional community experiences, and plans to contribute by being a good listener and following through on these promises.

Kameron Kidd photo

Kameron Kidd

I have 5+ years of experience working with social media support, marketing, and communities. Based out of Utah, I'm here to do what I can to help foster growth, connection, and learning between each other and Cvent. I'm so excited to be here and look forward to learning all about how you use Cvent and the Community.

Sara Shidal headshot

Megan Clark

I joined Cvent in January of 2022 and am so excited to be here! With my years of experience in event planning and community management, I am looking forward to having the opportunity to support you in the Cvent Community. Some things that I enjoy in my free time are playing and watching sports, anything outdoors, and spending time with Danny my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. I live in Florida and am fortunate enough to see a lot of sunshine and enjoy beach days all year long!

Sara Shidal headshot

Megha Jetley

I have 7+ years of experience in social & content marketing & brand development and I am based in New Delhi, India. As a passionate marketer, I am very curious to learn about community management, tips & tricks, best practice and am always willing to write on industry-relevant topics. In my free time, I enjoy binge-watching reading, traveling, teaching underprivileged kids, and playing online games.