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To help you navigate through the community, below are a few tips on how to get started. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the community, we are all here to help!

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Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are posting your first discussion.

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Engage in Weekly Topics

Looking to learn from and connect with your peers and Cvent experts? Jump into the Open Forum for fresh weekly opportunities to hear from the industry and share your experiences.

Huddle of the Week :
Share industry best practices on top-of-mind topics through the Community’s Huddle of the Week. Posted every Monday by the Cvent Community team, you can expect to see thoughtful discussion questions that will spark dialogue and new ideas amongst users. Learn more and see past conversations here!

Poll of the Week: Keen on sharing your insights and hearing what your peers think? Vote on the Poll of the Week, located on the Open Forum homepage, every Wednesday. Questions will vary on relevant industry topics, Cvent product feedback, and more.

Tip of the Week: Take your knowledge to the next level with tips shared by Cvent experts every Wednesday. You can expect to learn more about new functionality & products, as well as unique features and best practices when working in the tool. Don’t forget to jump into the discussion to share your own tricks or read past tips - learn more here!

Help Cvent drive the industry forward by submitting and voting on fresh product ideas and enhancements.

Search/filter for your idea:
Much like a discussion, someone might’ve already submitted your idea. Use the search and the filtering options to see if there is already an idea.

Upvote and comment: If you see the idea you were going to submit, or an idea that would solve a problem for you – upvote the idea. The more upvotes an idea has, the more likely it will get added to the product roadmap!

Add an idea: When you are adding an idea, remember what is the current state, how is this affecting you as a user, what would be the way this process should work? Post your idea and we will keep you updated on where the idea is in our roadmap.

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To upload your profile, you will want to:  Go to your profile > Select “Actions” below your empty profile picture > Choose “Change Picture” > From here you can select and upload your headshot and save it to your profile. 

If there is a post that you are particularly interested in seeing the responses to, you can follow that post and receive real-time updates. Go to discussion post and choose the star on the right-hand corner that says “Follow.” You will automatically follow any discussions you create or respond to, so you only need to follow posts you haven’t added to. 

Make a Reply the Best Answer

If you received a great response on a discussion post, you should mark it as “Best answer.” This helps other users quickly find the answer that is the top response and acknowledges the responder that posted the response.

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How to Make Best Answer
: Click the down arrow beside the reply button of the response that you want to make the best answer. Only the person who posted the original question has the option to “Make Best Answer” 

Recommend a post: If you did not post the original post but like someone’s response you can recommend the, by clicking recommend above the reply button.  

Meet the Team

Megha Jetley  

I am working with Cvent as the Assistant Manager, Online Community team. I have 7+ years of experience in social & content marketing & brand development and I am based in New Delhi, India. As a passionate marketer, I am very curious to learn about community management, tips & tricks, best practice and am always willing to write on industry-relevant topics. In my free time, I enjoy binge-watching reading, traveling, teaching underprivileged kids, and playing online games. 

Megan Clark

I joined Cvent in January of 2022 as an Assistant Team Lead, Online Community Marketing and am so excited to be here! With my years of experience in event planning and community management, I am looking forward to have the opportunity to support you in the Cvent Community. Some things that I enjoy in my free time are playing and watching sports, anything outdoors, and spending time with Danny my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. I live in Florida and am fortunate enough to see a lot of sunshine and enjoy beach days all year long!

Ridhima Krishan

I am a Customer Marketer at Cvent, working towards building a seamless experience for customers through platforms such as Cvent Celebrity and Cvent Community. I am here to help community members engage, share valuable experiences, and grow professionally together. I love following brands and their campaigns that are disrupting the marketing world. Outside of work, you will find me with a cup of coffee - painting or exploring good cinematic content.