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A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Discussions and Posting and Replies

By Community Manager posted 04-30-2024 11:01


Are you ready to engage with your peers and fellow Cvent users to make the most out of your discussions?  

If you’re new to Cvent Community and wondering where and how to post your questions, don’t worry. This guide will walk you through posting your first discussion and replying to a post like a pro. 


Post Your First Discussion: 

  • Start by logging into your account and navigating to the discussion forum where you'd like to post. Whether that’s the Open Forum or a user group. 

  • Select the "Start a Discussion" button to craft your post. (bottom right of image)


  • Begin your post with a clear goal statement. State the overall objective or problem you're seeking to address. For example, "Looking for recommendations on virtual event platforms for our upcoming industry conference." 


  • Provide context to your question by including relevant details about your role, industry, event size, and any other pertinent information. This helps community members understand your situation better and provide more targeted responses.

    • This can also be accomplished by searching for and selecting a handful of available product or topic tags to categorize your post and notify those who are subscribed to that tag.  



  • Before posting, take a moment to search the Open Forum to see if someone has already asked a similar question. Getting answers faster can save time and avoid duplicate discussions. 


Replying to a Post: 

  • All discussions and responses will have a blue “Reply” button to the right side of your screen. You can either reply to the original post or any of the threaded replies below. 


  • When replying to a post, start by reading the original question or statement carefully to ensure you understand the context. 

  • Craft your reply with clarity and conciseness. Address the main points raised in the post and provide helpful insights, solutions, or best next steps. 

  • If you're sharing a personal experience or opinion, consider providing examples or evidence to support your viewpoint. 

  • Be respectful and courteous in your replies, even if you disagree with someone else's perspective. 

  • Encourage further discussion by asking follow-up questions or inviting others to share their thoughts on the topic using the @ [at-mention] feature to tag them. 


By following these steps, you'll be well-equipped to have valuable and impactful discussions to solving your event management challenges. Happy posting! 


Stay tuned for more articles like this with tips and tricks to maximize your experience in Cvent Community.