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Put Your Ideas Into Action: How to Submit, Upvote, and Follow Product Ideas

By Community Manager posted 05-15-2024 09:53


Product Ideas are at the core of any vibrant, thriving community. If you have feedback for how to take a product to the next level, we want to hear from you!  

Here’s a step-by-step guide of how to submit a new idea, upvote an existing idea, and follow a product idea in Cvent Community.  

Submitting a new idea 

Submitting a piece of your own genius to Cvent is easy. 

  1. Visit the Ideas (requires login) section of Community by navigating to Participate in the main men and selecting Product Ideas. 


  1. Before submitting your idea, it is recommended to search to see if the idea already exists using the search and filter options. In this case, you can upvote it and provide supporting statements or documentation by adding a comment. 
    If your search comes up empty, you can proceed to post your idea.


  1. Select the “Add” button located near the top right of the Ideas section.  

  1. After this, you’ll be taken to the Submit Idea screen where you'll be required to fill out the idea form including information like: 

    1. A compelling and descriptive title

    2. Describe your use case, desired feature, and outcome.  
      As a system admin, I want event-to-event comparison reporting, so that I can easily view the net difference between past and current events and draw insights to pull forward in future event planning. This will help with efficiency by saving tens of hours per event.” 

    3. Select a single product category.  

    4. Attach a file, screenshot, or video to help bring your idea to life.

    5. After selecting Save, don’t forget to upvote your own idea 😊.

    6. Socialize your new idea with other users and encourage them to upvote and support your idea. Start a discussion, state your case, provide a link to it, and request upvotes. 



Upvoting an existing idea 

It’s easy to voice your opinion and show your enthusiasm for existing ideas, too.

  1. You can support an existing idea by selecting the thumbs-up symbol. 


  1. Also add any supporting statements, examples, or documentation you might have from your own experience by going down to the comments and using the “Add” button. More public endorsement will keep the idea in the spotlight.  


Following a product idea 

You can become an advocate for an idea that you believe in and follow its progress by simply selecting the Follow button with the star located in the upper right portion of each idea. This will subscribe you to be notified via email when the idea is commented on or updated.