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What to Expect as an In-Person Attendee at Cvent CONNECT 2024!

By Julianna Hampshire posted 05-31-2024 15:58


What to Expect as an In-Person Attendee at Cvent CONNECT 2024 

Cvent CONNECT, the premier event technology user conference, is just over a week away. This four-day, in-person, and virtual experience is joined by industry icons, event experts, marketers, and hospitality professionals. This year, the in-person version of Cvent CONNECT will be held in San Antonio, Texas. At Cvent CONNECT, attendees have many opportunities to gain knowledge, and insights on best practices, network with other attendees, and so much more. With over 5,600+ total in-person and virtual attendees, 50+ accredited sessions, 20+ networking experiences, and 175+ exhibitors, Cvent CONNECT is sure to be one of your year's most memorable and valuable experiences. This blog post will explore everything you can expect as an in-person attendee at Cvent CONNECT 2024! 


Hands-on Training  

Cvent CONNECT is a phenomenal place to get hands-on, in-person product training. There are various offerings that attendees can take advantage of to gain a better understanding of the Cvent platform. Our most valuable and popular training offering is our Training Camps. Cvent product experts run training camps at Cvent CONNECT and include a classroom-style format to create an optimal learning environment for our attendees. Training Camps are perfect for any new Cvent users in your organization, or anyone looking to brush up on their skills in any particular topic.  

 On top of our Training Camps, our Ask the Experts booth in the Innovation Pavilion is another great place to get in-person advice from Cvent Product experts and learn more about best practices. This booth is perfect for a specific question on the platform, building out your event, or seeking strategic advice on an upcoming event. Stop by to learn, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the Cvent platform to make your future events even more successful. 

Training Camp


While there is a ton of learning to be had and knowledge to be shared at Cvent CONNECT 2024, there will be plenty of time for you to network with other Cvent CONNECT attendees so that you can obtain connections to help you excel in your career and events programs. Our Cvent CONNECT tradeshow is the perfect place to start when it comes to networking this year.  

Our Tradeshow encompasses a large portion of the Cvent CONNECT. With over 200+ major hotel chains, luxury event properties, Convention and Visitor Bureaus, and other industry-leading vendors, you are going to be in a great spot to level up your network. If you are participating in our Trade Show Incentive program, you can expect to meet with at least six of our exhibitors in 15-minute appointments. 

 In addition to a fabulous Trade Show, you can expect a variety of industry and topical networking opportunities. A great way to put your best networking foot forward would be to attend any of our Happy Hours, Industry or Attendee meet-ups, our Women in Leadership Experiences, or complementary Career Coaching sessions. All of these networking offerings occur the first three days of the event and provide opportunities for you to meet a variety of attendees across many different industries. 

Networking Attendees at Cvent CONNECT 2023


Industry Specific Sessions 

This year at Cvent CONNECT we are excited to offer attendees the opportunity to explore industry-specific sessions tailored to your organization's or industry's specific needs. With a focus on innovation, thought leadership, education, and networking, these sessions are aimed at bringing together professionals from different industries to share insights, best practices, and strategies for success. These sessions will be offered in both in-person and virtual formats and will include breakout sessions, topical roundtables, panels, and more. Before Cvent CONNECT, be sure to explore the agenda within the Cvent CONNECT Attendee Hub to secure your spot in your breakouts. 

Additionally, within our Innovation Pavillion, we will be holding our inaugural Community Conversation sessions at Cvent CONNECT this year. Our Community Conversation sessions are aimed at adding immense value to your conference experience, offering attendees a platform for engaging in collaborative discussions, knowledge sharing, and hearing more about the topics that are important to them. Make sure to add these sessions to your schedule if you want to attend sessions that have a heavy focus on collaboration.  

Panel at Cvent CONNECT 2023

Event Tech Showcase

By attending Cvent CONNECT this year, you are setting yourself and your events program up for success by getting a first look at our latest innovations, live demonstrations, and the Cvent product roadmap by getting exclusive access to our Product Experts. One of the greatest parts of Cvent CONNECT is not only consuming all of the content related to our products but also seeing the Event Technology we have in action at the live event. 

 Our Innovation Pavillion will serve as a central hub for our event technology showcase. Within the Innovation Pavillion, be sure to check out one of our Feature Flashes, which will include a live demo and Live Q&A of a particular feature or topic. Additionally, we will have booths for each of the products in the Cvent ecosystem within the Innovation Pavillion. Be sure to stop by a booth to meet with the Cvent Product Team and learn more about our features, roadmap, and more! 

One of the highlights of Cvent CONNECT annually for in-person attendees is our Tech Tours. Embark with us on a walking tour throughout the conference where you will get exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to all of the technology in use throughout the event. Hear from product experts on how we are using our platform at Cvent CONNECT, best practices, our event strategy, and success stories. 

Feature Flash at Cvent CONNECT 2023

Fun Activations and Experiences

This year at Cvent CONNECT there will be no shortage of fun to be had during your time in San Antonio. Known for some of the best scenery, history, and food, San Antonio is one of the best cities for an amazing event like Cvent CONNECT, but also one of the best places for some good ole country fun.  

 Our night events are historically fan favorites of our in-person attendees. After a day of consuming content and networking during CONNECT, our night events are a great way to kick back and soak in some of the San Antonio culture! On Tuesday night of CONNECT be sure to wear your best neon attire during our Neon Rodeo night event at Smoke BBQ & Skybar. During this event, you can expect some delicious barbeque, a taste of “wine country”, and glowing activations. On Wednesday night be sure to wear your country best to our Lone Star Jam night event at the Espee. You can expect amazing live music, line dancing, and more. 

 On top of amazing social events, our Keynote general sessions are some of the most exciting and valuable parts of the entire Cvent CONNECT conference. Be sure to attend Keynote sessions hosted by Reggie Aggarwal, Marc Anderson, Jennifer Morgan, and Karamo to not only gain valuable information but also find inspiration.  

Night Event at Cvent CONNECT 2023

Exclusive Access Programs 

Exclusive Access Programming at Cvent CONNECT 2024 is aimed at offering unique opportunities for attendees to engage with industry experts, participate in interactive sessions, and gain insider knowledge on the latest trends and innovations in the industry. These invite-only sessions range from our Leadership and Executive Summit to our annual Excellence Awards. These programs offer our attendees to be recognized and awarded for their strategic vision and use of Cvent within their organization.

Cvent Excellence Awards

As you can see, there is so much to see and do as an in-person attendee at Cvent CONNECT. Hopefully, this blog post gives you a better idea of what you would like to accomplish during your time at the event, whether you are a Cvent CONNECT veteran or a first-time attendee. We hope you enjoy Cvent CONNECT 2024!