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Key Takeaways from Cvent’s Q1 Association & Non-Profit Networking Meetup

By Sydney Austin posted 04-10-2024 12:00


Back in February, Cvent Customer Success team hosted the first Association & Non-Profit Virtual Meetup of 2024! This quarter’s meetup focused around three main topics: Attendee Networking/Engagement, Marketing Communications and Event Technology Strategy. After some quick introductions, the attendees were then asked to join a breakout room related to one of these topics. The discussions that took place within each room were so insightful that the team just had to share these key takeaways!

Attendee Networking & Engagement

The association and non-profit (ANP) professionals discussed strategies to increase attendee involvement within the Cvent Attendee Hub Event App. Using incentives and gamification, such as a QR code game, were mentioned as some potential strategies to encourage active participation.  Attendee to exhibitor engagement was another crucial point that was discussed. The importance of building out full exhibitor and sponsor profiles into the event app early on was highlighted. Physical placement of the exhibitor hall, with the suggestion of locating it centrally to meal areas, was also mentioned. Cvent LeadCapture was brought up as another potential strategy to increase engagement in the exhibitor hall.

Marketing Communications

In the next breakout room, attendees discussed their challenges with marketing events and effectively communicating with attendees. A creative idea that was discussed was the ability to review an attendee’s journey and track the experience of event attendees from pre-event all the way to post event. One attendee shared her experience in creating such journeys for their organization’s members but was curious if other organizations had other methods for tracking the attendee journey. The goal of this journey would be to help determine the likelihood of someone becoming a member after attending the event. A suggestion for tracking this journey was to utilize post-event surveys to better understand attendee satisfaction. 

Aside from the customer journey, the members of this breakout room also discussed Attendee Hub app launch dates. As one attendee mentioned, they released the event app about six weeks before the event to help reach attendees early on. Meanwhile, another attendee explained his plan to release the app 30 days before the event to allow for more timely notifications to be sent. Another discussion was brought up which revolved around a common trend among the attendees, the importance of a report to identify returning attendees across different events. This report would help organizations identify patterns and trends among their attendees.

To finish off this breakout room’s time together, the attendees discussed measuring the success of their marketing efforts. The use of UTM parameters to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns was mentioned as a helpful tool. Another attendee shared his of using code snippets to track which social media posts were driving registrations, he also mentioned the use of Reference IDs and Google Analytics to help with tracking the success of marketing campaigns.

Event Technology Strategy

In the last breakout room of this meetup, there was a strong emphasis on the importance of staying up to date on the newest and most innovative event technologies. When it comes to roles/staffing for events, it was mentioned how it’s all hands-on deck at the event. Whether that be staff members assisting with registration and check-in, dealing with multiple vendors at once or even having staff dedicated to working specifically with exhibitors on collecting leads. An attendee explained how all these staff roles used to be assigned via Excel but since using Cvent, a lot of this has been moved to the app. But this ANP Professional isn’t stopping there! They are still actively exploring other ways to work with Cvent to improve these staff assignments even further by potentially taking advantage of the new partnership with Jifflenow! After hearing what this professional was doing, another attendee mentioned that they currently use a Google Spreadsheet for staffing but is now considering structuring roles for different aspects of their events within Cvent as well! In terms of tools to assist with staffing, there was a suggestion to use audience segments and notifications for specific groups. The vendor marketplace was also mentioned as another helpful tool to aid in this effort.

Cvent’s Association and Non-Profit team would like to thank all who attended the Q1 Virtual Meetup! In case you missed it, don’t worry, the Q2 meetup is scheduled to take place May 15 at 2PM ET! Registration for this next meet up will be opening soon so keep an eye out!

Let’s continue the discussion! Do these topics resonate with you? Do you feel you have other solutions to the challenges discussed? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, and let’s keep the conversation going! 

Sydney Austin
Senior Client Success Advisor