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  • 1.  Best practice for post-event (on-demand) engagement

    Posted 03-16-2023 03:41

    Wondering how other Cvent users and marketers have successfully engaged non-participants (from the live webinar or event) to access the content on-demand.

    What marketing tactics have worked to encourage your audience to login, watch videos and complete other content after the day of the event. How are you using automated emails in Cvent to encourage this engagement?


    Julian Clarkstone
    Associate Director - Head of Marketing
    Rainmaker GroupAustralia

  • 2.  RE: Best practice for post-event (on-demand) engagement

    Posted 03-22-2023 04:49

    Hi Julian,

    Hope you are doing well!

    In order to promote login, we can promote gaming in Attendee Hub by which the invitees can compete with one another, collect rewards and enjoy being their name displayed on the leaderboard. Here is an article which will give you more insight on how to create game in Attendee Hub.

    Setting Up and Managing the Attendee Hub Game[…]ticle=true&lang=en_US&searchFor=attendee%20hub%20game&page=1

    Using event emails to send out notifications to access the AH would be one of the best ways. Along with that we can create notifications in the Attendee Hub related to various activities and send it real-time or schedule it. Here is an article related to creating notifications to give you more insight.

    Attendee Hub Notifications Overview

    I hope this helps. Let us know in case of more questions. Happy to help!


    Khushbu Gupta

    Associate Quality Lead

    Khushbu Gupta
    CventUnited States

  • 3.  RE: Best practice for post-event (on-demand) engagement

    Posted 03-24-2023 12:54

    Gamification can work - especially if there are prizes involved, but I tend to utilize a "get it while it lasts" approach.  Send email prior to the event letting people know when things will be available and for how long.  Post-event, send a reminder of where they can access information and engage with others.  Then another email a week to a few days before the access will end, another 2 days out, and another 12 hours out.  For us procrastinators, we're going to wait because we're "busy", and then jump on it when the final countdown is going on.

    Julie-Michelle Davis, CMP
    Meetings Manager
    Amex GBT - USA

  • 4.  RE: Best practice for post-event (on-demand) engagement

    Posted 03-24-2023 15:06

    Post event we have taken the content from the original virtual event and packaged it on a subtopic of the program. A page is added on the backend with that sub-content and email promotion is used to drive previous attendees or new viewers to that content.

    Renee Corley
    Strategic Program Manager - Marketing Events
    Micro FocusUnited States