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Business Travel Trends to Watch in 2024

  • 1.  Business Travel Trends to Watch in 2024

    Posted 11-08-2023 08:48
    Edited by Megha Jetley 11-08-2023 08:48

    Hi all, let's begin our next edition of the Tip of the Week discussion! Business travel is making a steady comeback after experiencing a massive decline due to the pandemic. As we move into 2024, companies have the opportunity to reimagine corporate travel. Here's a snapshot of the top trends shaping global business travel in 2024:

    1. The Demand for Business Travel is Back 

    In 2023, the industry has started to steady itself, primarily driven by the resurgence of face-to-face meetings and events and the gradual return of international business travel. Moving into 2024, we expect this momentum will continue to grow rapidly. 

    2. Bleisure Gets Bigger: Blending Business and Leisure Travel 

    This "bleisure" trend offers traveling employees a sweet deal, with flexible travel schedules and a chance to unwind. This means guests are booking rooms for longer than their events will run, which is great for hotels. 

    3. Increased Focus on Sustainability 

    Organizations and business travelers are becoming more aware of their environmental impact. They are looking for sustainable travel options, such as flying carbon offset and staying in eco-friendly hotel room amenities.  

    4. Increased Use of Technology 

    The business travel industry will continue to become increasingly technology-driven, with innovative solutions for venue sourcing, travel management, trip planning, expense reporting, and more taking center stage. 

    5. Growth of Secondary Markets 

    Companies will need to adapt their travel programs and supplier partnerships to tap into the emerging Asian and African markets. 

    6. Business Travelers Want Connectivity and Personalization 

    Beyond messaging, travelers want mobile technologies they use daily, like touchless payments from phones or smartwatches, or tapping credit cards. The ability to leverage their own devices and platforms provides the personalized experience and connectivity travelers now expect. 

    7. Loyalty Programs Must Evolve Beyond Points to Experiences 

    Business travelers in 2024 crave more than just practical perks from their trips; they seek enriching experiences and meaningful rewards. Loyalty programs need to offer real benefits, enhancing travel beyond basic upgrades and conveniences.  

    8. Business Travel Will Shift to Purposeful, ROI-Focused Trips 

    Overall, brands that invest in people and the purpose of travel will give business travel a new lease on life. ROI and "return on experience" will determine corporate travel policies, and only trips that justify the time and cost will get the green light. 

    9. Wellness Will Become Critical for Business Travelers 

    In 2024, wellness will play a crucial role in business travel programs. The pandemic has made travelers and companies prioritize health and immunity more than ever, and services at every price point must meet this demand with authentic, holistic wellness offerings. 

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    Question for you:  

    • What do you see as the biggest challenges facing business travelers in 2024?



    Megha Jetley
    Cvent Marketing Department