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  • 1.  Can speaker codes have commas in them?

    Posted 07-13-2023 16:38

    Speaker codes are separated by commas when importing sessions so I'm wondering if they can't themselves contain commas. Can someone confirm this?

    For example, speaker codes might be: John Smith, MD and Mary Smith, PHD. Then if they were both on a session together, in the speaker code field in the import, it would look like:

    John Smith, MD,Mary Smith, PHD

    But, then would that be an issue?


    Joshua Kumin
    Events Coordinator - Kempe Center
    University of Colorado SystemUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Can speaker codes have commas in them?

    Posted 07-14-2023 09:43

    I can't speak to Speaker Codes specifically, but I have run into this exact issue with session descriptions before when doing the import via CSV.  The workaround I have used was to create a CSV file that doesn't contain any commas, so skipping description, and entering any speakers with commas in their titles without the comma (John Smith MD).  I imported that file, then when into each individual session record and added the description there.  For Speakers, you would be able to go into the Speaker record and update the information to include the comma.

    I'd love to know if anyone has a better way to handle this!

    Jess Olcott
    Training Program Coordinator
    ETC, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Can speaker codes have commas in them?

    Posted 07-18-2023 10:14

    Hi Joshua,

    This does cause an issue when more than 1 speaker is assigned to a session as it will not import the speakers correctly if they are separated by multiple commas. I would recommend not using speaker codes with commas in your import file if it is common for you to have more than 1 speaker assigned to a session and just doing something like John Smith MD for the code instead, with no comma. 

    Julia Plymack
    Client Success Manager