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  • 1.  Code Snippets: Facebook, LinkedIn and Google

    Posted 02-09-2024 00:35

    I've been struggling with implementing these pixels via code snippets. They're either firing incorrectly or not firing at all. Cvent hasn't really provided the best guidance in these areas and I've been going back and forth on the Google Ads Pixel implementation where the codes they provided to me twice are still not firing for in our Google Ads account. 

    I've gotten really great support from another registration platform vendor (Splash) we have where they've even helped me troubleshoot in Google Tag Manager. I know there are some nuances in Cvent where you can't use jquery, <script>, or </script> to the snippet but there should be some standard code snippet templates for the most common paid channels as I'm sure many people are running paid media.

    Can someone share what code snippets they're installing for each of those paid channels?


    Diana Connors
    Manager, Event Marketing Operations
    Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Code Snippets: Facebook, LinkedIn and Google

    Posted 02-15-2024 11:11

    Hi Diana,

    We do have an article that helps walk through some options for integrating Google Tag Manager if this will help! 

    Integrating Google Tag Manager 

    Thank you! 

    Erica Kennedy
    Senior Client Success Manager

  • 3.  RE: Code Snippets: Facebook, LinkedIn and Google

    Posted 03-15-2024 12:13


    Do you have any clients who are getting code snippets to work with these online properties?  Everything I read is so negative and we're having similar experience.  I'd love to speak with a client who got it to work.  



    Dan Strollo
    President and Executive Director
    In Control Family Foundation, IncUnited States