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Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q2 2022

  • 1.  Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q2 2022

    Posted 06-17-2022 13:22
    Edited by Cvent Product News 06-20-2022 10:02
    Below you will find the full list of Q2 2022 Product Updates for #EventCloud. This quarter, we have updates to share on #AttendeeHub#Event(Flex)#NewExperience#EventDiagramming, #MeetingsManagement,  #VenueSourcing#OnsiteSolutions, #Surveys, #Appointments, #Passkey and Integrations. 

    Register for our Quarterly Product Update Webinar on July 21 to hear more about these releases and understand how they can support your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event strategy. You'll also get the chance to join our hour-long Q&A to ask live questions to our Product Managers!​


    Attendee Hub® 

    Enhanced the booth staff profile on the Attendee Website. We've updated the booth staff profile's appearance on the Attendee Website.
    Enhanced the Game opt-in experience on the Attendee Website. To encourage attendees to join the Game, we've added stats about the ongoing Game to the opt-in page on the Attendee Website.

    Expanded the headline field character limit. If you've allowed attendees to edit their profiles, they can now add up to 220 characters in the Headline field.

    Prioritized the appointment option on the Attendee Website. For events with Appointments, attendees will now see the "Schedule appointment" button on the Attendee List page of the Attendee Website.

    Added the ability to limit visibility for the All Sessions page. You can now limit which attendees can see the All Sessions page, or hide it completely. Attendees will still be able to view featured sessions and sessions they're registered for.

    Added image support for chat discussions on the Attendee Website. Attendees can now upload images to a chat discussion on the Attendee Website. Images will be visible in active discussions for seven days.

    Introduced Custom Widgets for sessions on the Attendee Website. With Custom Widgets, you can now embed third-party accessibility or engagement features in the session engagement panel on the Attendee Website.

    Added a daily attendance report. You can now use the Seen by Day per Activity report to review the total number of attendees who attended your event each day.

    Multi-language events Phase 2.1 on Attendee Website. Custom Cards, Custom Pages and Attendee List Page – Custom Filter labels are now available in multi-lingual Attendee Hub. Once the translation is added, these features will display the translated text based on the locale selected on Attendee Hub web.

    Multi-language events: Exhibitor Management (Web). You will now be able to add translations for the following features in a multi-lingual event. Once the translation is added, these features will display the translated text based on the locale selected on Attendee Hub web.

    • Exhibitor Name
    • Exhibitor Description
    • Exhibitor Tagline
    • Exhibitor Category (Name & Description)
    • Sponsorship levels
    • Exhibitor custom questions & values

    Live Streaming Enhancements. We are happy to announce the following enhancements to Live Streaming:

    • RTMPS streaming that adds support for encrypted livestream steams providing an added layer of security for you.
    • Lower latency streaming which can enable more interactive experiences as the delay from speaker to audience is reduced.
    • Region optimization based on the speaker's location or studio location.
    • Support for custom domains.

    New Settings Page on Web & App. This feature consolidates and categorizes the various settings that currently exist in Attendee Hub. This allows attendees to easily find all of their event-specific configurations and make multiple changes simultaneously as needed.

    • Web release includes - Time zone: Time zone control for event (Device vs. Event)
    • Event App release includes:
      • Privacy
        • CCPA "Do Not Sell My Information" link
        • Attendee Visibility (Hidden vs. Visible)
        • Exhibitor Consent
      • Notifications: Enable/Disable event-level notifications
      • Time Zone: Time zone control for event (Device vs. Event)

    In-Person Event Types: Time Zone Default. When logging into Attendee Hub, attendees for In-Person event types will now be defaulted to viewing in the Event time zone instead of Device time zone. Hybrid and virtual event types will remain set to default time zone.

    Profile Action Buttons Priority Update. This feature changes the priority of the actions buttons that appear both on the Profile as well Attendees List to favor the Schedule Appointments action. This allows events that utilize Appointments functionality to surface this action to attendees as the primary method for connecting. If Appointments is disabled, the next action in the list becomes the prioritized primary action button.

    The presence of each action button is dictated by whether or not the feature is enabled and follows the below order:
    1. Schedule Appointment
    2. Send Message

    Increase to "Headline" Field Character Limit. This increases the character limit of the "Headline" field within the Attendee Profile to 220 characters. We've increased this count based on feedback in order to accommodate the types of Headlines that attendees are looking to showcase. This new character count of 220 matches corresponding fields on other social media sites making it easy for attendees to reuse this field from existing profiles, if they would like.

    Your Events: Multi-Lingual Support. The contents of the Your Events page are now available in all languages supported by Cvent in order to support multi-lingual events. If any content is not available in the language selected by the attendee, that content will be displayed in the event's default language.

    Appointments: Attendee Search Performance Improvements. In appointments, the parameter when searching by 'Company Name' is now 'starts with' instead of 'contains'. By updating this parameter, the overall performance for attendee search is quicker and aligns with what we currently use across all other searchable fields in appointments (first name, last name, title). In addition, when you are searching for attendees within the Planner Calendar, you will see benefits from improved search time. Particularly, large events will be better supported, making time to return search results shorter than ever.



    Event Management

    Event Registration

    Invitation Forwarding.  Invitation forwarding will allow attendees to send invitations to others quickly and easily during their registration process.  Once enabled in your event, attendees will have the option to enter the names and emails of other colleagues within their organizations or friends that may be interested in similar events, and an invitation email will automatically be sent.


    Event Attendance Format Switch.  You will have the flexibility to change your event attendance format after your initial event creation. This includes switching from: In Person to Hybrid, Virtual to Hybrid, Hybrid to In Person, and Hybrid to Virtual


    Widget Visibility Logic. You can now apply visibility logic to text and contact field widgets in order to hide or show them based on agenda items, travel condition, or contents of a specific contact field.  This eliminates the need to create separate registration paths to show different instructional text or field collection.  You can now use this logic to display text only when an attendee meets your criteria.


    Added UTM Parameters. Event Marketers will be able to have visibility into where event traffic is coming from and what tactics are leading to conversion.  This data will be available in attendee records and reports, or transferrable to your MAP, making it easier to gain insight into what event marketing campaigns are more successful than others and what mediums are the most effective. 

    Image Editor in Site Designer. Edit images for your registration websites directly in the site designer without having to adjust, resize, or crop and then re-add.  Images will be able to be saved as a new version rather than overwriting the other versions of the image.


    Customize the look and feel of consent questions & translations.  You can change the style (i.e. make text bold, italic, or insert a hyperlink) of your consent questions using the Rich Text Editor.  This is also available within Language Management for translations of questions, to match your secondary language styles to the default language if you used rich-text.


    Introduced event and session assessments. For events using premium surveys, you can now require attendees to complete an assessment before earning credits or certificates.

    Added Hosted Order Page (HOP) Payment Processing. If you are using a hosted order page (HOP) merchant account for your event, registrants can now pay online after registration.

    Hotel Request Opt Out. Hotel Request widget will display new options so that Invitees will be able to select whether they would like to place a hotel request or not. You will also be able to view this information in reports in order to find the invitees who opted out from placing a hotel request.


    New Experience

    Event Options page to Create Event on Event List page. Added a New Event Options page to Create Events from Event List page. This page displays 5 options as per account and user accessibility:

    • Copy: You can now copy existing events from creation
    • Template: You can create events via template
    • Scratch: Creating events from scratch
    • Set Up Later: Creating Limited feature event a.k.a No Registration Required events in old experience
    • Need Express/Classic Event: To be redirected to old form to create express/classic event as per access


    Event Lock Policy Support - Events Home Page. Event lock policy is used to Lock certain areas/pages/features based on specific criteria.

    • You can now see a Lock Banner on the home page when event is locked because of a policy
    • An override request can be submitted to unlock the event
    • Cancel Event button on the home page will be greyed out if the event is locked for editing

    Note: All other Event Lock policy functionality is not impacted by this change


    Registration Deadline changes for New Experience Events. Registration deadline in New Experience events will now auto set to 1 min before the Event End Date/Time. Previously, we used to set the registration 2 days before the event start date. We are making this changed based on customer feedback, historical event trends and our event space shifting to Virtual/Webinar Events where there is a need for registrations to continue until event is over.


    Exhibitor Management

    Exhibitor Portal Visual Refresh.  A roll out of an updated to the look-and-feel of the portal for cleaner easier user experience, as exhibitors complete their tasks, manage their booths, and access reports.

    Diagramming and Seating (previously Social Tables)


    Table numbering instruction. A message will now appear above the diagram when you select the table numbering tool to provide additional guidance.

    Support dropdown update. We have simplified the Support Dropdown list, design, and also add a line item for our resource center.

    Event registration guest grouping. With this release when "Guest Of (Primary Registrant)" is selected as the method for grouping, a group will be created that includes the Primary Registrant and any guests. Additional guests that are added after initial import will also be added to the pre-existing group on refresh.

    Diagramming automation in interactive floorplans. The redesigned Interactive Floorplan on venue profiles in the Cvent Supplier Network now includes functionality for you to define a custom setup to automatically create a diagram. Note, if you are not logged in to Diagramming and Seating or do not have an account, you will be prompted to log in or create an account.


    Cvent's Microsoft Teams Integration. We are happy to announce our latest release of the Cvent's Microsoft Teams Integration. Cvent's Microsoft Teams Integration is now published with several features:

    1. Create webinar for an event
    2. Create webinar for a session
    3. Manage registrations
    4. Retrieve participation data

    Please see the user guide here - 

    Cvent's New Cisco Webex Integration. The new Cisco Webex integration allows you to:

    • Synchronize Cvent events/sessions to Cisco Webex
    • Synchronize Cvent registrants to Cisco Webex
    • Sync participation and walk-ins at the Cisco Webex meeting back to Cvent.

    Note: Only Cisco Webex Meetings are supported. Cisco Webex Events and Cisco Webex Trainings are not supported by the integration. In those cases, you can use our Cisco Webex (legacy) integration instead. For more information please see the user guide here-

    Cvent App on Zapier Marketplace. Zapier is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) that allows the connection of more than 4,000 apps to automate workflows. The new Cvent connector on Zapier platform extends Cvent connectivity into multiple systems through the following capabilities:

    • Access data for Cvent contact, events, and attendees
    • Get notifications based on attendee's interactions via activities triggers
    • Create/Update contact and invitees in Cvent

    Survey in Salesforce App Updates. You can now access all responses to the event feedback surveys in the Salesforce App, and leverage the data for post-event follow-up using SF tasks, cases, etc. This is a Premium only feature.

    Survey Matrix question support in Salesforce App. Matrix and matrix rating questions are now supported in survey programs in the Salesforce App, both for standalone and event feedback surveys.

    Event recommendations in Salesforce App. You can now view the list of recommended events for your prospects & contacts and add them to the event from within the new "Recommended Events" widget. The feature is only available in Salesforce lightning mode.

    Use multiple currencies in Salesforce App. The Cvent accounts with multiple currencies are now fully compatible with Salesforce currencies and can be supported in SF tasks, opportunities & other objects.



    Cvent Supplier Network & Vendor Marketplace

    Separate tabs for standard vs custom bid comparison reports. Prior to this update, the standard bid comparison reports that Cvent provides (Availability, View Bids, and HBCR) lived on the same page along with any custom reports that you in that account created. We have separate them out into tabs. We want to drive the idea that these report templates can be customized to fit your RFP reporting needs.

    All venue statuses and types display on new bid comparison reports. Instead of only showing the venue statuses or venue types that are present in that particular RFP when you open up the designer for a bid comparison report, we will now show them all. The reason for this is that, even if data isn't available for a particular status or venue type, you should still be able to choose the report fields you would like to use on future RFPs that will have that data.

    In this scenario, there will be content on that page that says "No data for this RFP. Save your report details for future RFPs". This will let you know that if you save the report into your template, your settings will be applied next time.

    Browse Vendors Workflow (Vendor Marketplace). We have added a new section on the Vendor Marketplace homepage which will allow you to first browse the available vendor categories and vendors in our inventory with just providing the location. You can even go with "no location preference" option. You will land on the vendor categories selection and will be able to check out vendors for the categories you select. All of this, without filling out an RFI form.

    You still have an option to initiate an RFI from any screen in the wizard by clicking on the "Start new request" ribbon present on top. This option is only when you enter Vendor Marketplace through browse first workflow. Post selecting the categories and vendors, you can then initiate an RFI to the chosen vendors via an RFI form at the end of the vendor selection step in the wizard.

    Diagramming automation in Interactive Floorplans. The redesigned Interactive Floorplan on venue profiles in the Cvent Supplier Network now includes functionality for you to define a custom setup to automatically create a diagram. Note, if you are not logged in to Diagramming and Seating or do not have an account, you will be prompted to log in or create an account.

    Onsite Solutions 

    Session Walk-in Settings Enhancements in OnArrival. This update allows you to fill a session to capacity if enrolled attendees do not show. You can define walk-in rules and settings globally and at the session level. Determine which registration types can walk into a specific sessions & specify when to allow walk-ins (ie. 5 mins before session start time).

    Country/State Picklist within LeadCapture. We are happy to announce our latest release of the Leadcapture app Android 3.50 and iOS 3.53! This release includes picklists for country and state values in the app as a part of lead details and allows you to choose the correct country/state value and ensure data accuracy.


    Enterprise/Meetings Management

    Planner side view improvements for submitted meeting requests. The planner side view of submitted meeting requests is now improved by utilizing only 1 scroll bar for the page. This update also increases the size of the submitted meeting request on the viewable page. This update is not available for planner side submissions of new meeting requests or meeting request drafts.

    Triggers and Notifications implementation for Simple Meetings Access Portal. Triggers and notifications are existing features that live in the Cvent planner admin section under Meetings Management. When these features are set up based on RFP status, they will now fire for RFPs sent through Simple Meetings Access Portal.

    Access Portal SSO Enhancement: Set username for JIT AP Users to be email or Federated ID. Your accounts can now be configured as JIT ("Just in time") provisioned SSO users to have your Access Portal username set to be email address or Federated ID. This field will be set to email address by default.



    Stripe Payment Gateway Support. The Stripe payment gateway is now available for all organizations using merchant accounts in Passkey. The integration instructions are slightly different than they are for, and linked on the Merchant Accounts page.

    New Navigation for Passkey. Users will see a new homepage upon log-in to Passkey. The homepage has a new menu design with the same menu selections. Passkey users can expand and collapse menus and access a new utilities menu.


    Universal Appointments Update for Universal LeadCapture. You no longer need to enable the Registration module in order to use Universal Appointments with Universal LeadCapture when creating an Event. Universal Appointments events allow access to the self-scheduling form when registration is either disabled or active. You can easily add your staff who can quick add attendees without any extra steps to ensure the event is not billed for registration.


    Assessments in Premium Event Surveys. With assessments, you can set a passing score, issue certificates, and award credits to attendees who have passed. You can also allow attendees to re-take assessments if they didn't meet the passing score. You will be able to do the following:

    • Create event and session assessments
    • Configure score for the questions
    • Define a pass score
    • Define number of reattempts if respondent has failed
    • Award credits and certificates
    • Report on assessment metrics and respondent responses per attempt
    • We do not currently support the following in Assessments:
    • Session in chapter settings as multi-select
    • Unlimited attempts/ attempts after passing
    • Pass the assessments based on number of "correct answers"
    Assessment to support multi-select questions scoring

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