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  • 1.  Does Attendee Hub use CrowdCompass

    Posted 05-23-2022 19:27
    Edited by Chris Jannes 05-23-2022 22:54
    I want to start using a mobile app from Cvent (our previous provider shut down) and I'm stuck on a few questions.

    While I wait for a rep to get back in touch with me, I thought I would start here:

    1) Does the Attendee Hub use CrowdCompass as its mobile component? Or is CrowdCompass separate from the Attendee Hub.
    2) If CrowdCompass is separate, will it allow for Virtual attendees (such as ability to stream a General Session).

    Side note: I tried calling my Cvent Rep and my renewal manager, but the emails bounced for both. I tried using an online chat, but after 40 minutes of waiting, I dropped. I tried to get a return call from Cvent (using their return call support option) and was on hold for 30 mins. I even tried contacting billing to find out who my new rep is, but they seem to have limited hours. Anyone else having issues like this?


  • 2.  RE: Does Attendee Hub use CrowdCompass

    Posted 05-23-2022 19:43
    Hi James - 

    While you'll probably still want to discuss with your Cvent Account Team or Cvent Support, here are some quick answers for your questions  and some additional resources you can review:

    Attendee Hub and Crowd Compass are two separate Cvent products.  Attendee Hub does have it's own Mobile App (called the Event App).

    Here are a few Cvent Support Articles that should be able to answer some of your other questions:

    Hope this helps.

    Rebecca Yousif
    Senior Administrator, Event Technology

  • 3.  RE: Does Attendee Hub use CrowdCompass

    Posted 05-24-2022 14:38
    Hi Chris,

    I have contacted your Account Manager and they will be reaching out to you.

    Please let me know if there is any other way I can help.

    Megan Clark
    Assistant Team Lead, Online Community Marketing