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  • 1.  Font color when copy/pasting text

    Posted 01-26-2024 19:18
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    While building a webpage or a registration path, has anyone else experience oddities when you copy/paste text internally within the system?   As an example, I've typed out FAQs for Members, and then copy one of the same question/answers to paste into the FAQ text box for Exhibitors.   The original is set a with black text.  But the new text comes out in a dark navy.  Even if I try to clear the formatting with the T/strike through button, it does not change it to the default of the Theme for the site. Double checked the Customize settings for the widget, text box, and section as well.  Everything is set to black.   I know this happens sometimes when copying things from other sources, but this is only happening on Cvent to Cvent copy/paste.  I am using a new MacBook Air and Chrome.  It is not a new issue however, I've gone back and found where I didn't catch it the color change on events from last year.   Ideas?


    Michele Runge
    Program Manager, Housing
    HPN GlobalUnited States

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    Posted 01-28-2024 11:54
    Edited by Daniel Marotta 01-31-2024 11:59

    Hi Michelle,

    When you paste, right click within the text box and choose "Paste as plain text." This will ignore any formatting that comes out of your original document and apply the settings from Cvent for that text.

    Hope that helps!

    Tori Martinez, Cvent Certified
    Event Technology Specialist
    Direct Travel
    United States

  • 3.  RE: Font color when copy/pasting text

    Posted 01-30-2024 08:13

    Thank you for the tip Tori!





    Housing and Program Manager



  • 4.  RE: Font color when copy/pasting text

    Posted 01-29-2024 10:28

    Yes, this seems to be intentional.  I've gotten around it by first pasting the text into Notepad on my PC (TextEdit is the equivalent on Mac, I believe) then copying it from there and pasting it into Cvent.  Notepad strips out the HTML hidden within copied text, so copying the text from Notepad will then have only the text with no styling.  It's a clunky process but was the easiest/fastest solution that I could find when I built out a number of template events recently.  

    Jess Olcott
    Training Program Coordinator
    ETC, Inc.