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  • 1.  Guest Registration Limits/Pending Registrations

    Posted 05-08-2024 11:17

    I'd like to set up an event to automatically allow up to 3 guests per attendee, but also give attendees the option to add additional guests that will require planner approval. Is this possible, and does anyone know of a good way to set this up in registration? I'd appreciate any tips/tricks! 



    Rhegan Daugherty
    HR Coordinator

  • 2.  RE: Guest Registration Limits/Pending Registrations

    Posted 05-14-2024 12:29

    Hi Rhegan,

    This setup is possible however we need to split the required Guest and additional Guest

    Please create 2 different registration types.

    Associate required Guest registration type with guest feature on the primary registrant's path with a minimum of 3 .

    Add another registration type as additional guests and create a separate path for them. This path should have a pending approval on. This registration type should be associated with the group registration setting on the primary path.

    This means when the primary invitee registers, they can add 3 required guests and then when they add additional group members, they will go down a separate path that will need approval. So the primary and guests gets the confirmed registration however the group member can only be confirmed after the planner approves them.

    Another approach is-
    In case you don't want to use the guest feature, you can also use 2 different registration types under the Group registration feature. Put the capacity as 3 for the required one. The same rule applies to the additional one about connected to a separate path that has pending approval on.

    Please feel free to contact the support team for help with the setup if necessary.


    Mriganka Agrawal
    Senior Solutions Lead
    productive utilizationUnited States