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  • 1.  Limiting what an Registered Attendee can Modify

    Posted 05-09-2024 15:21

    I need to know IF there is a way to limit what a registered attendee can modify once payment has been processed.

    We would like them to be able to modify any personal information, questions BUT NOT be able to alter which Admission Items that they have registered for.

    From everything I've been reading its an All or Nothing kind of deal. 



    Michele Whiteside
    Director, Programs & Events
    Global Genes, United States

  • 2.  RE: Limiting what an Registered Attendee can Modify

    Posted 05-13-2024 14:10

    Hi Michele,

    Thank you for your question!

    You are correct, unfortunately, the modify registration is currently an all or nothing. This is a limitation to this feature. This feedback has been received from other clients as well. I would recommend submitting this in the Ideas section of the Community. Our product team reviews these all the time for product enhancements!

    Sydney Langer